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Dr. Morozov
Новостные письма A Different Drum, ведущего американского синтпоп-лейбла.
Так как на его сайте они не публикуются, а рассылаются по электронной почте, неплохо бы иметь тут на виду текстовый архив.
Смотрите, знакомьтесь, выбирайте...
Dr. Morozov

Blue October "One Day Silver, One Day Gold" $14 -- This is Blue October's third album, building on this British synthpop band's strong reputation for smooth, melodic electronic pop music. The light, airy vocals glide with emotion over the bouncing synthesizer patterns and pulsing beats, with one memorable song after another. The album includes three bonus remixes, all rhythmically enhanced for club play. (Synthpop Addict Club members need not order.)

A Blue Ocean Dream "Cold" (MCD) $5 -- A Blue Ocean Dream plays melodic, analog-driven synthpop music, pulling influences from the pioneering sounds of Kraftwerk, but adding vocal depth and a modern production touch. The "Cold" single leads up to the album "On the Road to Wisdom", presenting the title track in three very different versions (all mixed by A Blue Ocean Dream) with an exclusive bonus track. This single is presented on a collectable 3-inch CD. (Synthpop Addict Club members need not order.)

Monica Schroeder "Poison" (MCD) $5 -- Monica Schroeder is a wonderful singer from Canada with a voice that matches up with other Canadian greats like Sarah McLachlan or Margo Timmins (Cowboy Junkies). Her song "Poison" is a favorite from her previously released album "Orbit" and is presented here in it's newly remixed form for the dance clubs. The main dance mix is produced by DJ Ram, while other mixes are contributed by other popular Russian electronic musicians. This new club anthem is presented on a collectable 3-inch CD. (Synthpop Addict Club members need not order.)

Hubert Kah "Seelentaucher" $24 -- It's been several years since we've seen a new album from Germany's 80's hero Hubert Kah. This new album features quite a mixture of different styles, kicking off with a song that sounds similar to the last music we heard from Hubert Kah, like "C'est la Vie", with a mellow down-tempo beat and dreamy vocals, interestingly produced by Blank & Jones. But then track 2 kicks in with clubby electronics for a new synthpop dance track called "Psycho Radio". Then the album calms down again for track 3, only to pick up again for "Military Drums 2005", a remake of the early 90's classic. The rest of the album is then in German, with a few acoustic tracks, including an ultra-mellow remake of the German version of "The Picture", and a pretty new German-language version of "C'est la Vie".

Hubert Kah "No Rain" (MCD) $11 -- This is the first track from the new album, and is co-written and produced by the popular German dance producers Blank & Jones. Despite that production note, the song is a down-tempo one, and the single features the original version, a chill-out version and a couple other version with minor differences. It's a nice song with a mix of singing and talking, seeming like an introspective track for Hubert Kah as he looks back on his music career.

Lowe "Simplicity" (MCD) $11 -- Here's the 4th single from Lowe's excellent debut album "Tenant". "Simplicity" was voted as a fan favorite from the album, so the band obligingly released this single which not only contains 3 versions of the title track, but also new remixes of "Ahead of Our Time", "Hear Me Out", and "The Vanishing" (all of which have their own singles). The mixes are pretty good, though not as smashing as I hoped-- the highlight for me was the extended version of "Ahead of Our Time".

June Six "Never Never" (MCD) $11 -- June Six is a new Swedish pop act with sultry female vocals, produced and released by Lowe. As a kick-off single, June Six presents this cover version of the classic synthpop song "Never Never" by The Assembly (a lesser-known gem by Vince Clarke). The song is pepped-up for a poppy new approach that fits the singer's style nicely, but the highlight is the "Journey Club Mix" which takes it into a more trancey direction.

Riviera F "Now We've Got Europe" (MCD) $6 -- This new release from Florida's 80's-flavored electropop label Kinetik Media introduces you to Riviera F, an act that follows in the footsteps of bands like Miss Kitten, Ladytron, or Hong Kong Counterfeit. With bright, bubbly, uptempo synthesizers pulsing out memorable hooks and melodies, a female vocalist half-sings, half-talks the lyrics. There are three fun tracks including "Now We've Got Europe", "Information", and "Now We've Got Europe (Blue Mix)". Freezepop fans may also enjoy this one.

Tears for Fears "Everybody Loves a Happy Ending / Call Me Mellow" (MCD) $11 -- This is the latest single from Tears for Fears, a band that become very popular in the 80's, and is recently making a come-back attempt with their new album "Everybody Loves a Happy Ending". This single features a new mix of the title track which sounds like a short radio-friendly, Beatles-influenced version. The highlight of the single is the new club mix of "Call Me Mellow" which really pushes the song into the club realm, giving it a solid beat, an electronic backbone, and a new anthem-like feel.

Kraftwerk "Minimum Maximum / German Edition" (2CD) $20 -- This is the new live double-disc release by Kraftwerk, which has been released released domestically, but we had to get in the German edition for the hard-core Kraftwerk purists who may want the German versions of the songs, fitting to the band's country of origin. All of the band's major hits are included here, recorded in several international locations.

Saint Etienne "Tales from the Turnpike House" (limited edition 2CD) $24 -- This new album by Saint Etienne features a nice blend of brit-pop flavored tracks, plus euro-dance flavored tracks, all with the traditionally smooth, enticing female vocals and fun lyrics. Many fans are seeing this is one of the band's best CD's in their lengthy career. This limited edition comes with a bonus 6-track EP entitled "Up the Wooden Hills" which includes 6 new songs as well.

Project Pitchfork "Kaskade" (limited edition) $22 -- We got in just a handful of the new imported album by Project Pitchfork, in it's limited edition packaging. There is a domestic (USA) version being released very soon, which we'll be stocking as soon as possible, and the price will obviously be much lower. We just got in a few of this limited edition for the ultra-collectors.

Peter Murphy "Unshattered" $16 -- Though this latest Peter Murphy album has been around for a while, it has been relatively hard to find. We just picked up a few copies for those of you who may be interested and hadn't seen it yet. It's got some good songs, right in line with Peter Murphy's past material, including a couple of really nice electronic tracks that fit in with the best of today's modern darkwave and synthpop. Most tracks tend toward his semi-gothic rock sound.

Various Artists "Pet Shop Boys / Back to Mine" $28 -- This rather pricey imported 2CD collection is part of a series where different pop artists choose favorite songs that influenced them in their music careers. This edition features songs selected by Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys. It includes quite a range of pop hits of the past, including some rather obscure material. There's everything from The Flirts, Queen, and Dusty Springfield, to some classical, jazzy tunes, and quirky electronic stuff. It's obvious these guys have a variety of tastes and influences.

Various Artists "Infacted 2" $16 -- This is the latest compilation from Germany's rising synthpop / futurepop label Infacted Recordings. It packs in a lot of clubby, memorable songs by bands like In Strict Confidence, Michigan, Colony 5, Blind Faith and Envy, Endanger, Pro:Activ, Syrian, and more. Many of the mixes on here are exclusive to this compilation. See our homepage and click on the title for a complete track list.

Various Artists "This is Techno Body Music vol. 1" (2CD) $24 -- This is the debut release from a new label started up by members of Icon of Coil, and it features 2 discs, packaged in a nice box, with 36 slamming dance tracks that range from old-school EBM to modern futurepop and industrial dance. You'll find tracks like Nitzer Ebb "Control I'm Here (The Hacker Remix)", or VNV Nation "Interceptor (ABM Version)", but I admit that a lot of the artists in this collection are new to me. Check out the track list on our homepage by clicking on the title.


We also got back in stock pretty much the entire discography by OBK, one of the top Spanish-language synthpop bands since the early 90's, including a couple classic albums that I've also loved like "Trilogia" and "Donde el Corazon nos Lleve".

Also, if you ever missed out on the 90's synthpop classic "Bass State Coma" by Seven Red Seven, with it's edgy sound and slick production, we've got a few copies back in stock in our "rare and out-of-print bin" on our homepage. This one should be in every modern synthpop collection.


With A Different Drum's synthpop festival in Salt Lake City growing closer, we decided to add a cool new feature to the website which allows people who are driving to the festival to offer rides or ask for rides. I know from experience that it's much more fun to drive long distances if you've got some friends with you, and this might help some folks find a way to attend who might not be able to get there otherwise. To see how it works, go here:


Then look at the bottom of the page where you'll see a button that says "Click Here to Ride Share". Once you click on that link, you'll see links where you click to offer a ride, or where you can click to ask for a ride. You can then fill in the information which will allow other fans to hook up with you and work out rides. Please note that A Different Drum does not guarantee any of the content on this page-- we hope that it is used with sincere intentions and consideration, but since we're not the ones giving the rides, ADD can't make the guarantee. This is simply a tool for people to get in touch with each other and hopefully work out transportation needs.

Let's say you want to attend the festival and you live in Las Vegas, Nevada, but you want to find a ride and possibly share gasoline costs, just click "Submit a request for a ride" and fill out the form. Other people will then be able to see that there's somebody in the area who needs a ride. Or, if you plan to attend and plan to drive anyway, but wouldn't mind sharing with another friend, click "Offer a ride to others from your area" and fill out the form. Then other people will be able to contact you about riding along with you. As people submit requests, you'll begin to see a list show up on the ride share homepage, and you'll be able to contact people about their needs or offers by using a private email form or phone number (if provided).

Well, I better get going and start shipping all those pre-orders for Blue October, etc. Have a great week!

"The Source for Synthpop"
Dr. Morozov
Hello fellow synthpop friends and fans! Let's start this week's update with a couple of links to free MP3's hosted on Amazon.com. First of all, here's where you can hear the excellent new dance mix of "Poison" by Monica Schroeder:


And here is the new "Cold" single by A Blue Ocean Dream:


Now, on to the new CD's that arrived this week...


Decades "Cold Comfort" $16 -- This new German import features catchy, poppy synthpop with a deep vocalist, usually singing romantically inclined (though up-tempo) songs. It's smooth and polished, with a unique sound that you might find appealing. Just for today, I'm going to try this little MP3 sample, since I can't find a band homepage with any samples. So, I hope I don't get in trouble for this, but here's a little teaser of the first track so you can hear what Decades sounds like:

Screaming for Emily "Malice" $10 -- Here's a new band from New Jersey with a mysterious synthpop sound and cool look that feels somewhat "new wave" to me. The new album features 10 promising tracks that should help build the band's reputation in the scene. Check out the band's music video for the song "Diety" here: http://www.screamingforemily.com/Screaming_for_Emily.wmv

Elkland "Apart" (MCD) $8 -- For those of you who caught Erasure's US tour recently, you probably saw the cool opening band Elkland that combines synthpop with a vocal approach somewhat reminiscent of The Cure. The song "Apart" is the band's killer single, featuring two versions of the title track, with 3 extra songs to make it a very worthwhile single from one of the genre's hot new bands.

Fearing Christmas "Die Morgennacht EP" (EP) $10 -- This 9-track German import EP almost feels like an album, with 8 different songs (2 mixes of one of the songs). Fearing Christmas sings primarily in German, though there are a couple of decent English-language songs on here as well. The band has an atmospheric synthpop sound with vocals that have plenty of echo effects and lush synth sounds, going for that somewhat "mysterious" sound. I found some downloadable MP3's here:

Various Artists "Synthphony Rmixed Vol. 5" $14 -- This is the 5th release in this exclusive remix series in almost as many months! This volume features remixes tweaked by the Swedish act Chinese Theatre, with a fine assortment of songs, including many by other Swedish bands like Universal Poplab, Colony 5, and Hype (Robert Enforcen of Elegant Machinery). There are also exclusive mixes of songs by The Twins, Syrian, Celluloide, Ming & Ping, Estatuas de Sol, and more. It's a fun song selection and a nice addition to the series.


This is just a quick reminder that A Different Drum will send you two free CD singles by RENAME and PROVISION if you order your festival tickets within the month of June. Early ticket sales really help us get ready for the festival, so if you plan on attending and want a couple free-bees, might as well order the tickets now. You can order tickets as well as see information about hotel booking, band line-up, ride-sharing, etc. here:


Thanks for everything!

"The Source for Synthpop"
Dr. Morozov
We got quite a few new items in A Different Drum's store this week, including new stuff for Erasure and 80's fans, along with some exciting modern synthpop and futurepop. There's something for everybody, so check it out...


Wave In Head "I Hate to Be In Love" (MCD) $6 -- This is the exciting lead-in single to Wave In Head's 3rd studio album, "For a Special Moment", and it is instantly obvious that the band's talent for well-written songs and punchy electronic programing is continuing to climb higher. Wave In Head is a synthpop act from Germany that is just as comfortable in your private living room as in the dance club. As with the band's other singles, there's enough variety in songs and sounds to seem like it's own album. (Synthpop Addict Club members need not order.)

Erasure "Here I Go Impossible Again / All This Time Still Falling Out of Love" (MCD part 1) $11 -- With this single, Erasure focuses on two of the popular songs from the "Nightbird" album. Part 1 of the import single includes the single mix of "Here I Go..." and the original version of "All This Time..."

Erasure "Here I Go Impossible Again / All This Time Still Falling Out of Love" (MCD part 2) $11 -- The second part of the double-single is more interesting, presenting a cool club mix of "All This Time..." and two remixes of "Here I Go..."

Erasure "Here I Go Impossible Again / All This Time Still Falling Out of Love" (DVD) $11 -- This accompanying DVD features two audio tracks with the album version of "All This Time..." and the Pocket Orchestra Club Mix of "Here I Go...", plus a video of "All This Time Still Falling Out of Love" live in Cologne.

Ladytron "Sugar" (MCD) $11 -- Are you looking for some new stuff from on of the stars of nu-electro music? Here it is! The main song, "Sugar" sounds very new wave, with more guitars than you usually hear with Ladytronm, even showing a semi-gothic flavor that you probably wouldn't expect from this band. The vocal melody is as simple as usual, but the instrumentation and thick reverb effects make it sound much more mysterious. There's an interesting b-side song called "Tender Talons" that's equally diverted from the usual electro expectations with a mellow, minor-key mood. The remix of "Sugar" goes more toward the vibe that you'd expect from this band, though I'll admit that I like the change of direction reflected in the original.

Culture Kultur "Reborn" $20 -- It's time for some super-pumped, intense, thickly layered futurepop music! Culture Kultur has released some promising CD's in the past, but this is probably their most polished, and the vocalist sounds better than previous releases as he seeks for a more melodic approach. Some songs sound quite a bit like recent Covenant albums, and the energy level remains high throughout the album. Futurepop fans will love this one.

James D Stark "Dying Beauty" (MCD) $8 -- "Dying Beauty" was one of the more popular songs from James D Stark's debut album, "Fortress of Solitude" and now the song has been remixed several times to appeal to different tastes and give the track some club life. There are nice mixes by the likes of Tristraum, Assemblage 23, and Chinese Theatre, plus the artist's own new renditions, like a nice piano version to finish off the single. There's also an exclusive bonus song called "Aidra". This synthpop act has a somewhat darkwave mood, but also follows the trends set by the likes of Depeche Mode in his synthpop approach.

Anna Ranger "Above and Under Ground" $12 -- Don't let the band name fool you-- this isn't a CD by a woman named Anna, but is actually a 3-piece band made of up guys. This release on the Plastiq Musiq label is a bit different from the label's usual offerings. It's less on the analog, bleepy, bouncy synth side, but instead has a raw, somewhat low-fi, post-punk, new wave sound. It's like the three guys kick back with a guitar, an old keyboard, and a drum machine and record a set of songs straight to disc. It could pass as the out-takes or BBC sessions of any handful of very early 80's bands.

Blind Passengers "Timemachine / 1992-2005" (2CD) $20 -- Back in the early 90's, this band made a brief splash in Germany's synthpop underground with their album "The Glamour of Darkness" that featured catchy Camouflage-like songs like "Walking to Heaven" or "Small Town Night". Then they began a transition into a more electronic industrial sound with "Born to Die", which continued for an album or two until the band transformed into a metal act with biting guitars and noisy riffs. This is the band's final release, looking at the band's history through a collection that shows their musical journey, including some rarities and exclusive mixes. The first disc is called "Synths and Hooks" and looks back at their older material that is more appealing to the synthpop crowd. The second disc is called "Riffs and Shouts" and is obviously the edgy metal material.

Juno Reactor "Live In Tokyo" (DVD) $18 -- Juno Reactor is a well-known name in the electronic music scene, with a healthy career in electronica, techno, and high-enery dance music. The band's live shows are also intense, featuring a mixture of audio and visual mayhem. This 2002 release is now available on DVD again for those of you who want to experience a live Juno Reactor show in the comfort of your own living room.

Various Artists "Complete Eighties" (5CD) $26 -- I know, we've been flooding with 80's flashback collections. Here is another 5-disc set that tries to present an overall picture of the music of that decade, from new wave, to glam-pop, to polished rock icons, etc. It's a broad selection of songs and styles from the somewhat obscure acts like Flying Lizards and Baltimora, to the huge stars like Sheena Easton and The Go-Go's. Each disc is even broken down chronologically into a 2-year period (first disc is 1980-1981, second disc is 1982-1983, etc.) which is a nice touch. To see a complete track list, go to www.adifferentdrum.com search for "complete eighties" and click on the title.


The following upcoming releases from A Different Drum's label are available for pre-order on our homepage. If your order now, these will be shipped as soon as they arrive from the factory.

Capsize "Dissatisfaction Guaranteed" (MCD) $6.00 -- Excellent debut single from a guy and gal from Sweden.

Silica Gel "Nada Es Eterno" (MCD) $6.00 -- Second single from smashing Spanish-language synthpop act.

Ultraviolet "A New Day" (CD) $12.00 -- Debut album from talented one-man band from Spain.

Various Artists "State of Synthpop / 2005" (6CD) $28.00 -- The long-awaited sequel to the first volume, packed with songs from 90 different bands!

Various Artists "State of Synthpop / 2003 PLUS 2005" (11CD) $40.00 -- This is a limited special offer, where you can get the 2003 and 2005 for one low price (while supplies last).


Our friends at Modified Music in Salt Lake City, Utah have recently announced another cool music festival, this time featuring some fun artists from the 80's. If you're in the area, be sure to check out this show with NAKED EYES (featuring Mark Stacy of Faith Assembly in the band), MEN AT WORK, and HOWARD JONES. Here's the details:

July 27th at the McKay Event Center (Orem, Utah at UVSC)……………..theRETRofied Show!
Tickets are on sale at Smith Tix locations and at any MODified location. Order online through www.smithstix.com

That's all for this week. Have a wonderful day, or night icon_smi.gif

"The Source for Synthpop"

PS. Join the weekly synthpop email update by going to:
Dr. Morozov
Greetings once again from A Different Drum! Up until yesterday, I thought this week would be a slow one for new arrivals, but then we got hit with a pile of shipments yesterday, so it turned out to be a HUGE week for synthpop. But before we get to the new arrivals, I have an announcement...


Since there are a lot of new releases scheduled for the next 3 months and A Different Drum's shelves are completely maxed-out with CD's already, I've just moved more than 150 different CD titles into our online "discount bin". Those CD's are now discounted from 20% - 70% off the regular prices (some for as little as $1, $2, and $3), but they are only available while supplies last. These are CD's that we have on clearance, so once they are sold, then we won't be re-stocking them again for a long time (if ever). So, it's first-come, first-serve.

Pick up some great CD's by bands like New Order, Erasure, Depeche Mode (including singles box sets), Blank & Jones, Cosmicity, Duran Duran, Merge, Stromkern, and many others at killer prices. Beef up your collection at our expense, and you'll be helping us make room for the new releases (not to mention, helping us pay for those new releases). You can see the "discount bin" here, and order using our regular shopping cart:


Or, simply click on the "discount bin" link at the left-side of our homepage www.adifferentdrum.com


Melotron "Cliche" $15 -- I've been anxiously awaiting this new album by the most popular German-language synthpop band in the scene. I'm not disappointed, since this album really shows off the band's talent for making catchy, pumped, emotional synthpop. With a sound that sounds like De/Vision or Depeche Mode blended with a touch of edgy And One, these guys pump out one potential hit after another. The fact that they sing in German doesn't bother me, even though I don't understand the lyrics, because I can feel the emotion behind the songs, and the music is so well produced. There are some nice, moody ballads thrown in for good measure, as well as the obvious club tracks. This is a hot one.

Melotron "Cliche" (limited European edition) $20 -- If you're a collector or big Melotron fan, you may want to pay a little extra to pick up the European limited edition of the album which comes in a double-fold-out cardboard package, plus it adds a bonus track "Menschenpresser (Hecq Mix)" and a CD-Rom video track for "Bruder (live)".

NOTE: If you want to check out Melotron, you can find their excellent new single "Wenn Wir Wollten" in the current SYNTHPOP SPOTLIGHT deal:


Project Pitchfork "Kaskade" $15 -- Here is the US release of the new Project Pitchfork album, a collection of songs which shows the band at a mature and polished level. The songs are perhaps more mellow than their earlier industrial days, but there's still an edgy mood, and "Kaskade" should appeal to the old fans as well to as to fans of darkwave, semi-gothic acts like Clan of Xymox or The Cruxshadows.

Astromill "Astromill" $12 -- This is a slick new synthpop offering from the Ninthwave Records label, featuring melodic, new-wave-style synthpop that could have been a hit in the 80's for the dressed-in-black glam crowd. The music and vocals are handled skillfully by British lady Sheryl McMillan who draws from influences like Gary Numan and Thomas Dolby, with similarities to recent acts like Moulin Noir, Alan Replica, or I Satellite (but with female vocals). Modern synthpop fans and neo-wavers will love this release. If you want to hear a couple samples, go here and click on the little audio player near the top of the page: http://www.myspace.com/ninthwave

Eternity Range "Solitude" $12 -- This new release from the Kinetik Media label is a bit different from the label's previous releases which have been in the new electro vein. Eternity Range instead offers a more melancholy sound that draws upon moody synthpop sounds out of Germany. Sure, there are some of the 80's synth sounds and dreamy new wave atmospheres, but the flavor is serious and introspective. I'm reminded of one of my recent favorites, A Covenant of Thorns, where listening alone in a darkened room with the volume turned up loudly will make for a very memorable experience. Synthpop and darkwave fans alike will be happy with this new release...I know I am.

Kelly Osbourne "One Word" (MCD) $8 -- OK, I'm braced for the outrage from the synthpop faithful who are wondering why A Different Drum would stock something by the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne. Well, this new single is completely and entirely synthpop! Kelly dives into her 80's influences for this song, borrowing almost shamelessly from Visage's 80's hit "Fade to Grey". It's not the same words or the same exact song, but the melodic theme is very close, and the old-school synthesizer bassline is almost identical to that of Visage. This could be an 80's hit itself. There are plenty of remixes that transform the song into club hits of various styles. This is a fun song regardless of who did it.

Kelly Osbourne "Sleeping in the Nothing" $15 -- If you'd like to pick up the entire Kelly Osbourne album, featuring the cool synthpop hit described above (One Word), then here it is! There are actually quite a few songs on here with the same 80's influence as Kelly turns her stylistic sights back 20 years in her effort to become a modern superstar. Oh, as an added note, the version we got in is the "clean" edition of the album which removes a word or two from the "parental advisory" edition.

O.V.N.I. "Good for You" (limited EP) $14 -- This is another in the series of limited edition remix "DJ-only" EP's from the Alfa Matrix label in Europe. This new act presents more slamming beats that blend together futurepop, EBM, and synthpop. The guy on vocal duty can sing nicely reminding me of any number of German synthpop vocalists. The music is often edgy, and there are remixes by the likes of Neikka RPM, Technoir, Cyclone-B, etc. for a total of 9 tracks.

Diskonnekted "After Einstein" (limited EP) $14 -- This is another in the series of limited edition remix "DJ-only" EP's from the Alfa Matrix label in Europe. This offering features slamming beats that combine EMB, futurepop, and industrial dance with some breathy, half-chanted vocals. The club play potential is high for the DJ's who like a variety of edgy sounds, and there are remixes by the likes of Razed in Black, Delobbo, Steril, and others for a total of 11 tracks.

Ayria "My Revenge on the World" (limited EP) $14 -- This is another in the series of limited edition remix "DJ-only" EP's from the Alfa Matrix label in Europe. This 10-track EP features the latest works from the rising female star in the industrial dance world. The beat on the title track is very EBM flavored, like the pulsing bass and beat from an old Nitzer Ebb song, then Ayria's whispered vocals come in, sounding somewhat angst-ridden. She takes a more melodic, poppy vocal approach on other songs, and there are plenty of mixes by the likes of November Process, 8kHzMono, Steril, and others.

Richter "Cost of Living" $14 -- This is the debut release from Canadian act Richter, a band that plays a somewhat moody, edgy synthpop style with a blend of male and female vocals. The lyrics are thoughtful and sometimes intense, adding to the emotional sound. You should check out the MP3 samples here: www.richtermusic.com/music.htm And you may enjoy the online video clip here: www.richtermusic.com/images.htm

Northern Mars "Northern Mars" (EP) $7 -- This EP is an introduction to another new synthpop act called Northern Mars that plays poppy, well-written songs with both male and female vocals, trading off from song to song. They have a slightly 80's flavor, and I particularly enjoy the guy who sounds similar to Neil Arthur of Blancmange (an old favorite of mine). There are six solid songs on this CD, and you can check out some audio samples by going to the band homepage here: www.northernmars.com Once there, click on the "music" link and pick the song you want to hear.

Deine Lakaien "Dark Star + 2nd Star EP" (2CD) $20 -- Here is another re-release of older Deine Lakaien material, prenting the "Dark Star" album, packaged together with the rare "2nd Star EP" which featured a lot of exclusive bonus songs. It's a nice way to catch up on some of the older works of this popular darkwave act from Germany.

2raumwohnung "Melancholisch Schon" $16 -- This oddly named act has been around for quite a while in Germany, playing a nice blend of synth with downtempo, trip-hop flavored songs topped off with smooth female vocals. Though I'm not entirely familiar with all the band's past works, this album appears to be a combination of new material and reworkings of older songs. The songs are sung in German, but on this album the band takes a sharp turn toward Latin and bossa nova, Brazilian-esque sounds. It's kind of odd to hear this beautiful vocalist singing sensual, acoustic, Brazilian-style beach music in German, but it's quite nice. Though acoustic in nature, this is a very nice, peaceful, relaxing dose of music for romantic moments in front of the fireplace, or on a sandy beach. Come on, you don't need synth with everything, do you?

Neuroticfish "Gelb" $15 -- Though we've had the limited edition import of this smashing new album for a while, we finally just received the US release, and of course, the price is lower than the import. Pick it up for a danceable, fun, futurepop time. You can also get it as part of the new "Synthpop Spotlight", here: http://www.adifferentdrum.com/spotlight.php

Various Artists "Advanced Club 2" $15 -- This is the latest compilation offering from the Mexican label, Advanced Synergy, and it pulls together some really cool exclusive remixes by notable bands like Iris, Pro-Activ, Ayria, Headscan, Syrian, Tristraum, etc. It's a solid, club-worthy collection with a combination of edgy, industrial-flavored tracks, and more melodic synthpop-dance tracks. Go to our homepage and click on the title to see the complete track list.

Various Artists "Greenhorn Records - A Greenroom Omnibus 1" $15 -- This is a new compilation from Greenhorn Records, and it features a handful of bands that I mostly didn't recognize, like Professor Small, Isopod, Electronic Dreaming, etc. though I did recognize Travelogue and Olney. The collection is mostly light-hearted, buzzing, funky electro-pop, in a somewhat low-fi realm. The synths bleep loudly on front stage, sounding light and melodic in a style similar to Joy Electric or releases on the Plastiq Musiq label. Some songs are more accessible and catchy, while others are more quirky and bizarre. See our homepage for the complete track list.


The following CD's are now available for pre-order-- if you order them now on our homepage, the CD's will be shipped as soon as they arrive, hot off the presses:

Various Artists "Retro Active - Rare and Remixed vol. 4" $16 -- This forth installment in the exciting "Retro Active" series lives up to its predecessors in every way, pulling together some wonderful songs from the 80's in their original 12-inch, extended versions. Many of these long versions have never been available on CD before. Check out this track list:

1. Howard Jones "New Song (Extended Version)"
2. The Cure "In Between Days (Extended Version)"
3. Tin Tin "Hold It (Extended Mix)"
4. Vitamin Z "Burning Flame (Extended Dance Mix)"
5. Underworld "Underneath The Radar (12” Remix)"
6. The Smiths "This Charming Man (New York Vocal Mix)"
7. Blue Peter "Don’t Walk Past (F Version Original 12")"
8. Belfegore "All That I Wanted (Extended Club Mix)"
9. Nik Kershaw "Wouldn’t It Be Good (Simon Boswell Re-Mix)"
10. B-Movie "A Letter From Afar (Big Mix)"
11. OMD "Secret (Original 12” Mix)"
12. Blancmange "Living On The Ceiling (12” Mix)"

Capsize "Dissatisfaction Guaranteed" (MCD) $6.00 -- Excellent, catchy song that leaves a deep impact with some exciting, ultra-danceable remixes!

Silica Gel "Nada Es Eterno" (MCD) $6.00 -- Smashing 2nd single from one of the top Spanish-language synthpop bands ever.

Ultraviolet "A New Day" (CD) $12.00 -- Wonderful debut album from emotional one-man band.

Various Artists "State of Synthpop / 2005" (6CD) $28 -- HUGE collection of 90 songs by 90 bands. Go exploring for hours and hours through the many sounds and styles of synthpop!

Various Artists "State of Synthpop / 2003 PLUS 2005" (11CD) $40.00 -- Very limited deal combining the 2003 and 2005 collections for a total of 11 discs, only while supplies last!


Modified Music in Salt Lake City just let me know that we can give away two pairs of tickets to the exciting RetroFied show on July 27th at the McKay Event Center, featuring Howard Jones, Naked Eyes, and Men at Work. So, if anybody on this list is in the area and would like to see the show (or if you'd like to travel to the show), feel free to send me an email at todd@adifferentdrum.com and answer this trivia question:

Ken Porter is the music producer for the synthpop band INTUITION. What is the name of the band where he produced music before he created INTUITION? (hint: They released one CD, and we have it in stock.)

The first two people to reply correctly, which I imagine will happen within a few minutes of sending this update, will receive a pair of free tickets to the show. Please don't reply if you don't intend to use the tickets, even though you know the answer...you know, just to be fare to those who really want to go. hehe.

Next week we'll have more news about A Different Drum's Synthpop Festival in Salt Lake City, which is drawing nearer and nearer. I'm getting excited about that one!

Have a wonderful weekend!

"The Source for Synthpop"

PS. Join the weekly synthpop email update by going to:
Dr. Morozov
It's time for another weekly synthpop update from A Different Drum.
Let's jump right into the three new releases that came into our
store this week...


Freezepop "Maxi Ultra Fresh" (MCD) $7 -- The popular, bouncey,
bubbly electro-pop band with a light-hearted mood and fun female
vocals is back with a collection of remixed songs from their latest
album "Fancy Ultra Fresh". The mixes are all well done and live up
to the band's established mood, though generally with a more club-
friendly vibe.

Various Artists "4X4 Multi Single Vol. 1" $10 -- This is a cool new
CD that is intended as a fusion of 4 different singles by 4 synthpop
acts: Eloquent, Empire State Human, The Thought Criminals, and
Tristraum. Though each band's segment is a "single" in theory,
they are more like EP's with several different songs from each band,
rather than piles of remixes. It makes for a solid full-length
worth investigating.

Various Artists "Electric Fantastic Sound" $6 -- Just like the above
CD, this one is also intended as an introduction to the bands on the
new Electric Fantastic record label out of Sweden. There are two
songs by each of three bands: Diskodiktator, Top Gun, and Basswood
Dollies. For an inexpensive price you can check out these three
fun, somewhat quirky electronic pop acts, and you'll be left wanting

That's the short update for this week. Oh, and congratulations to
the winners of the free tickets to the Howard Jones, Naked Eyes,
etc. concert on July 27th in Orem, Utah at the McKay Center. For
those interested in purchasing tickets to that show, you may order
them online here: www.smithstix.com A Different Drum plans to be
at that show selling CD's, so it will be a good time to shop as well.

Also, be sure to order your tickets to A Different Drum's Synthpop
Festival in Salt Lake City and make your travel plans-- I'd love to
see you there! Tickets can be ordered from here:


PS. The answer to last week's trivia question for the free tickets
was as follows: Before programing music for the band Intuition, Ken
Porter was part of the band Intact.
Dr. Morozov
It's time once again for the weekly synthpop update from A Different Drum. Let's jump right into the new releases that came into our store this week:


Ultraviolet "A New Day" $12 -- Ultraviolet is a shining synthpop light from Spain, and "A New Day" is the band's debut album. Emotional lyrics team up with an emotional vocal presentation to create a sound which will appeal to modern synthpop fans who love an approach like De/Vision, Camouflage, and other similar acts. The songs are memorable, well written, and the production is top-notch. Watch out for great things from Ultraviolet. (Synthpop Addict Club members need not order.)

Capsize "Dissatisfaction Guaranteed" (MCD) $6 -- The Swedish duo Capsize presents their debut single release, "Dissatisfaction Guaranteed". With a gift for emotional presentation and a sacrastic lyrical edge, Capsize leaves a great impression with this single. Female vocals team up with slick electronic production to create a satisfying hit, and there are some slamming club mixes that pull the song into the trance realm, as well as other mixes that focus on the brooding theme of the song. (Synthpop Addict Club members need not order.)

Rotersand "Welcome to Goodbye" $15 -- Here's the second album from Rotersand, and this time the beats are bumped up into the futurepop realm, with plenty of edgy, slamming tracks to keep the clubs moving, while the vocals take on a deep, dark, sometimes industrialized edge. A couple of the songs have a VNV Nation-like vocal approach, which is nice. It's an intense album that will please industrial dance DJ's and those who like to drive fast.

The Diary (Anything Box) "Separate" $15 -- For those of you who have followed the career of Anything Box through the years, you're probably familiar with Claude's side-project called The Diary. There was a great album released back in the 90's under The Diary's name, where Claude focused more on his love of the early punk, alternative pop of the late 70's and early 80's, with a sound quite similar to classic Joy Division. Several years later, here is the next installment of Claude's side-project, featuring a more early 80's British alternative rock sound. While The Diary was quite a separate sound from Anything Box in the 90's, the course of Anything Box has brought the two closer together, though this one lacks any real synth sounds (other than subtle organ sounds that you might have heard in the late 70's). It's got some good songs, and diehard Anything Box fans will want to check it out.

Angel Theory "Black and Blue" (EP) $15 -- This imported EP features several remixes and extra songs by a punchy electro-industrial dance act with some intense rhythms and often filtered, processed vocals. It can get the industrial clubs stomping along with the dark mood and mechanical instrumentation.

Underworld "Second Toughest in the Infants + Beaucoup Fish" (2CD) $20 -- This is a new repackaging of two albums by Underworld, a band that began their career as an 80's new wave act (they actually began under the name Freur), but then transformed through the 90's into a very popular techno dance band. These two albums are the ones that really helped push the band along into the dance-floor and you can get them both in a box for a single price.

Various Artists "Remixed 80's" $15 -- Well, I feel like I was a bit deceived by this release since the title suggests that these are remixes of 80's songs. The songs indeed are all 80's classics and include such favorites as "Strangelove" (Depeche Mode), "Big In Japan" (Alphaville), "Take On Me" (A-Ha), "Bizarre Love Triangle" (New Order), and Safety Dance (Men Without Hats). However, these are not remixes of the original songs, but are instead new cover versions, all given remixes names, and nowhere on the packaging is there a list of the bands doing the covers. So, it's kind of a mystery. Most of the cover versions actually sound pretty good, with the focus being on clubby house, disco, and synthpop versions that can give the old songs new life on the dance-floor. Sometimes the vocalists attempt to sound similar to the originals, but other times they take a completely different approach. There are a couple versions that sound like a cover pulled out of the movie "The Wedding Singer", but most of it is at least well produced. If you are an 80's music fans and want to hear some new cover version, as mysterious as the performers may be, you may enjoy this one.


We just got in a few import DVD's that are all at very affordable prices, focusing on classic 80's-90's artists. The DVD's are compatible with American DVD players, so there shouldn't be any region code problems or format problems. Each DVD features 10 video clips by the particular artist. Here are the ones we got:

Nik Kershaw "The Universal Masters DVD Collection" (DVD) $12

Tears for Fears "The Universal Masters DVD Collection" (DVD) $12

Level 42 "The Universal Masters DVD Collection" (DVD) $12

Big Country "The Universal Masters DVD Collection" (DVD) $12

ABC "The Universal Masters DVD Collection" (DVD) $12

Ace of Base "The Universal Masters DVD Collection" (DVD) $12

Note: We only got a couple of each, since I wasn't sure how many people would want to pick them up. But if you want them, we can quickly get more once they run out. Also, if you are an 80's hard-rock fan, there are a couple others in this series that can be ordered in for you, but bands like Poison (I think).


The following CD's are all available for pre-order on A Different Drum's homepage. We're really revving up for for the final stretch before A Different Drum's Synthpop Festival in Salt Lake City, trying to get some CD's out in time. August will be a busy month. If you place an order for these CD's, they will be shipped to you as soon as they are available.

A Blue Ocean Dream "On the Road to Wisdom" (CD) $12.00
Leiahdorus "Just a Kiss" (MCD) $5.00
Neuroactive "N-gin" (CD) $14.00
Rename "In Different Things" (MCD) $5.00
Rupesh Cartel "Death With Soft Names" (MCD) $5.00
Silica Gel "Nada Es Eterno" (MCD) $6.00
Various Artists "Retro Active / Rare and Remixed vol 4" (CD) $16.00
Various Artists "State of Synthpop / 2003 PLUS 2005" (11CD) $40.00 --> only while supplies of 2003 sets last
Various Artists "State of Synthpop / 2005" (6CD) $28.00
Various Artists "Synthpop Club Anthems 4" (2CD) $8.00
Wave In Head "For a Special Moment / limited 2CD" (2CD) $14


A Different Drum's festival is coming closer and closer, and I'm getting excited. With 12 live bands, cool guest DJ's (headed by DJ Coppertop once again), piles of free prizes, the largest synthpop selection of CD's and t-shirts found in a single location, and lots of fans and friends with whom to mingle, you are not going to want to miss this one!

We have had one recent band line-up change. Voice Industrie is not going to be able to attend, due to job issues that popped up unexpectedly, but a back-up band was already in place, and Eloquent will be joining the show to fill in. I'm sad that VI can't make it after such a stunning show last year, but I'm excited to see my first Eloquent show, so it's all good! Here are the bands that will be playing:

Friday Night, starting at 7:00 PM
PROVISION (from Texas)
SOMEGIRL (from Wisconsin)
MONOLITHIC (from California)
LEIAHDORUS (from New Mexico)

Saturday Afternoon, noon to 4:00 PM
JAMES D STARK (from Oregon)
ENDLESS BLUE (from Wisconsin)
ELOQUENT (from California / Colorado)
RENAME (from Germany)

Saturday Night, starting at 7:00 PM
WAVE IN HEAD (from Germany)
INTUITION (from Arizona)
B! MACHINE (from California)

As I mentioned above, DJ Coppertop will be heading a team of talented DJ's including the popular remixer, Delobbo, to spin the best synthpop between band sets,. A Different Drum will be bringing thousands of CD's and fun t-shirts at discounted prices, plus the bands will all have merchandise to offer, so it will be a top-notch synthpop shopping paradise.

We're planning an informal dinner at a cool Brazilian restaurant in Salt Lake City on Thursday night (Sept. 1st) for those who are in town the evening before the festival, where fans and bands can hang out and have some dinner together. I'll give some more information about that plan later, but maybe you can plan to be there early if possible.

Concerning the hotel where the event takes place.... The Red Lion Hotel has been very hospitable to us, giving us a home where we can put on this fun event, so I'd encourage anybody coming into town for the festival to book a room right there in the same hotel. It's great because you are only an elevator ride away from your room when the night of music is over. If you want to stay in the hotel, PLEASE book your room by calling (801) 521-7373 and tell them that you are coming for the "A DIFFERENT DRUM FESTIVAL" and you should be given a discount rate. Not only does it save you some money, but it actually helps as a lot with the hotel bill. You see, the more people that come to the hotel because of the festival, the more the management likes us, and the more they can give us discounts in the future. See how it all works out great for everybody?

I hope to see many of you there, as we try to build this festival into an exciting, stable, yearly event where synthpop fans can gather. You see, if we can show that one synthpop festival / convention can thrive every year, it's more likely that other synthpop festivals and conventions will get started in other locations, and the scene will grow. Some of you may find it interesting to discover that the bands playing at this festival are doing it out of their own good will, traveling to put together an awesome show, all on their own dime, just because they want to. Any profit made from the event is given directly to the bands to help compensate them for that sacrifice, and the festival can only make a profit if we get a large crowd. So every person that can come will be very much appreciated. Remember, families are invited! Kids 12-and-under get in free, so make it a little vacation (there were several youngsters at the festival least year, and it really added to the atmosphere).

Tickets can be purchased in advance here: www.adifferentdrum.com/fest

That's my pep-talk for the day. You'll have to forgive me for rambling, but it's something I feel strongly about-- I've dedicated more than a decade of my life to the underground synthpop scene, and it's times like these festivals that help make it all worthwhile. All the faces, names, and relationships that sometimes seem only virtual (through email and telephone connections) finally take on a real face, and there's just so much energy and excitement in the air when we're all together.


"The Source for Synthpop"
Dr. Morozov
This week's synthpop update is packed with a pile of cool compilations, from the long-awaited "State of Synthpop 2005" to a couple of thumping megamix CD's. Here's the news...


Silica Gel "Nada Es Eterno" (MCD) $6 -- The response to Silica Gel's debut single "La Mitad" was so positive that the band had to follow up with yet another exciting Spanish-language synthpop hit, "Nada Es Eterno". Once again, Silica Gel produces a solid modern synthpop gem that has an edge, catchy hook, and a voice that sounds wonderful. Extra dance mixes are provided by acts like Syrian and Rupesh Cartel, making this a perfect synthpop or Latino club hit.

Oceanhead featuring Claudia Brucken "Eyemotion 05 Mixology" (MCD) $11 -- This cool single was originally recorded in the 90's, but never really saw the light of day as a CD release until now. It's some cool electronic, semi-ambient music with dreamy vocals provided by Claudia (Propaganda / Act). It has a very sensual feel, and the mixes vary from somewhat uptempo tunes to dreamy mellow versions. In general, it's very similar to music by Schiller, with a touch of Enigma.

The Twins "Live In Sweden" $20 -- The Twins are a synthpop icon in Germany that rarely got any attention throughout the 80's and 90's in America. They play catchy, poppy synth tunes with good vocals that fit right into the general synthpop vibe of the 80's. We've sold a lot of their re-issued albums here at A Different Drum, but haven't seen anything new for a decade. But now we get this fun live CD that's hot off the presses, featuring a performance of their popular hits like "Time Will Tell", "Ballet Dancer", "Not the Loving Kind", "Face to Face - Heart to Heart", etc.

The Central Bank "The Central Bank" $15 -- Though it looks like this album came out originally a couple of years ago, it wasn't until this summer that I discovered The Central Bank, an exciting synthpop act from Sweden. I'm reminded of another Swedish band called Universal Poplab, where polished vocals team up with poppy, fun-spirited music that will have you singing along and wanting to dance. Definitely pop this address into your browser and watch their music video for the song "You Have Nowhere to Hide": http://www.thecentralbank.net/playvideo.htm Click the "Play Video" link and check it out.

The Central Bank "You Have Nowhere to Hide" (MCD) $6 -- Speaking of The Central Bank's music video, here's the CD single for that particular song mentioned above. It's packed with 6 different versions of the song, including an old-fashioned extended version and some other high-power club mixes that make the song a little more edgy and intense. There's a high-speed mix by Love/Less, plus my personal favorite mix which gives the music a NamNamBulu-style touch which is cool. There's also a bonus song called "Maybe We Want to Die".

The Central Bank "For Once In My Life" (MCD) $6 -- This second single from the album features 6 versions of the title track, taking the song in different directions, from clubby to acoustic. Here is where you can hear a snippet of this cool song: http://www.thecentralbank.net/download/for..._in_my_live.mp3

Virtual><Embrace "Hollow and Pure" (limited EP) $14 -- This is the limited edition, made-for-DJ's EP on Alfa Matrix Records featuring new songs and remixes that lead into the upcoming album by this slamming electro / industrial dance band. It's very intense, hard-edged, and lays out a wash of bone-crushing beats, ultra-distorted vocals, and stabbing synths.

Melnyk "Strut" (MCD) $8 -- This is a new single imported from the UK featuring pulsating synth music with a slightly nu-electro vibe, blending in a groovy disco feel and female vocals performed in a style similar to Freezepop. It's a light, groovy offering from a new label called Gaymonkey Records. There are three versions of the title song on the single.

Melnyk "Art of Seduction" (MCD) $8 -- We also picked up the first single from England's Melnyk, once again with groovy electro beats, but this time with a smooth, catchy synthesizer melody and spoken vocals from a guy, talking about dancing in a club and wondering if another dancer is trying to seduce him. It's danceable, but has a more dreamy mood. There are four versions of the track on this single.

Analogue Brain "Electroshock" $20 -- This new German import features a blend of fairly melodic vocals (though sometimes slightly distorted for special effect) with stabbing synths playing electro, semi-futurepop, quasi-industrial music. Analogue Brain tries to blend a lot of popular styles together, with elements of synthpop tossed in to make it a bit more catchy than some of the industrial dance music on the market.

Various Artists "State of Synthpop 2005" (6CD) $28 -- This huge collection of modern synthpop features 90 songs by 90 different bands, ranging in style from retro-style synthpop, to futurepop and industrial dance, as well as the new electro (electroclash) sound, and more. We prefer to call it all "synthpop", showing all of the genre's variety in sound, style, and mood. This instant library will allow you to explore many bands with little effort and at a low cost, providing more than 7 hours of listening pleasure!

Various Artists "Hysteria / Live at Club Necto with DJ Copper Top" $12 -- This is a non-stop megamix that was recorded live at Club Necto on Memorial Day, 2005. DJ Copper Top blends a seamless set of high-energy dance songs together, kicking it off with Iris, Tristraum, and Rupesh Cartel, then working into some futurepop and industrial dance tunes from the likes of Blank, Headscan, Flatline, etc. and then turning on the trancey sounds towards the end with music by Nevarakka, DJ Feel, Delobbo, etc. There's a really cool track mixed in here by Tooga featuring Pit Bailey which is a new, trance-flavored version of the classic song "Beyond Blue Eyes" which alone makes the CD very collectable in my book. If you want a cool dance party without hiring your own professional DJ, let this CD do the work for you!

Various Artists "Infactious / Nonstop Mix by DJ Copper Top" $18 -- This limited edition import CD is another excellent megamix performed by DJ Copper Top, blending together music by bands on the popular German label, Infacted Recordings. There's music by Liquid Divine, Conetik, NamNamBulu, Monofader, Endanger, and more. It's a lot of cool music from top-notch bands, blended into an extended dance party.

Various Artists "Synthphony Remixed vol. 6" $14 -- The flood of exclusive remix CD's keeps coming from Synthphony Records. This 6th volume features the work of the popular Russian remixer, DJ Ram. There are exclusive mixes of songs by Blue October, Virtual Server featuring Assemblage 23, Distain, Bobby, Psyche, Freezepop, and more. Plus, they threw on some bonus tracks taken from singles that featured DJ Ram mixes, by bands like Perfidious Words, Neuropa, Gebrauche Music, etc. It's 14 tracks of danceable synth music for your collection.

Various Artists "Metropolis 2004" $6 -- This single-priced sampler from Metropolis Records looks like it was put together last year, but was just made available to us this week. It pulls together some songs from several Metropolis label bands like Icon of Coil, Mono Chrome, Front Line Assembly, Informatik, Assemblage 23, Cesium 137, etc. Some tracks are more on the industrial side, while others are in the futurepop vein. But for the price of a single, it's a great little sampler. Click on the title on our homepage to see the complete track list.


I just want to send out a little note to those planning to attend A Different Drum's Synthpop Festival in Salt Lake City on September 2nd and 3rd. We are planning an informal dinner at a popular downtown restaurant called Rodizio Grill (a superb Brazilian barbecue) on September 1st. That's the Thursday before the event. We're going to plan on meeting at 5:00 PM at the restaurant which can be found here:

459 Trolley Square
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
Ph: (801) 220-0500
see homepage here: www.rodiziogrill.com

So, if you get into town early, you may want to call right up and make a reservation for around 5PM - 6PM, otherwise, you may end up waiting around for a few minutes to be seated, since it's a very popular restaurant. This is not officially part of the festival, which means we're not paying for it-- it's just a plan to allow attendees and bands who are in Salt Lake City the night before to hang out together. A couple of bands do plan to be there, including Rename from Germany, and Leiahdorus too.

ALSO, it is not officially confirmed yet, but there is a concert being set up for that same Thursday night (Sept. 1st) in Salt Lake City at 8PM. I can't say who is playing at this point, since the promoter hasn't called me to confirm today as planned. Hopefully I'll be able to announce it officially next week. If the plans come together, it would be an EXCELLENT reason to come early for the festival, because you'll be able to catchy a classic 80's synthpop band and a couple other openers on the same weekend. If you decide to come early, you can still book your hotel room at The Red Lion Hotel for Thursday night and get the discount by saying you're there for "A Different Drum Festival". Plus, we'll be working together with the local promoter to get some kind of discount for those who have purchased tickets to ADD's festival already.
Dr. Morozov

Samsara "Dragonfly" $15 -- This new act from Argentina presents an danceable, electronic, somewhat edgy sound with a female vocalist that talks along to the music, in a Sara Noxx or Anne Clark style. The music is provided by three of the top synthpop / futurepop remixers and producers in Argentina, including MHz, Sequencia, and Tecnoman SF. The talky vocal style sometimes reminds me of the popular electroclash sound (ala Ladytron, Miss Kitten, Chicks on Speed, etc.) but the music is definitely more in the pumped-up futurepop vein.

Riviera F "International Lover" (EP) $10 -- We've had the recently released "Now We've Got Europe" single in stock for a while, and now we picked up some of the "International Lover" CD's from Europe. This EP features the title track, produced by Nick Rhodes, and four other songs. They play a snappy nu-electro (electroclash) sound with bleepy 80's-style synths, catchy hooks, and sassy, talky vocals. It's a bit on the campy side of the spectrum.

Soft Cell "The Bedsit Tapes" $20 -- This CD is made up of historical, rare recordings made between 1978 and 1982 by now legendary 80’s synthpop group Soft Cell. Originally, vocalist Marc Almond and synth player Dave Ball teamed to compose music for theatrical productions. A self-financed EP titled "Mutant Moments" brought the duo to the attention of Some Bizzare label manager Stevo, who enlisted Daniel Miller to produce their underground hit single "Memorabilia" the following year. This was the launch pad for the band to rise to international notoriety in their short and successful career.

Gary Numan "Living Ornaments 79" (2CD) $20 -- This is the first in a series of rare live recordings from the early career of classic new-waver Gary Numan. There are 21 live tracks on this 2CD recording from a performance in Hammersmith Odeon, London on the 28th of September, 1979.

Gary Numan "Living Ornaments 80" (2CD) $20 -- This is the next installment in the series of live releases from Gary Numan, consisting of a 29 tracks recorded in Hammersmith Odeon, London on the 26th of September, 1980.

Gary Numan "Living Ornaments 81" (2CD) $20 -- And this is yet another 2CD installation of 26 tracks recorded at Wembley Arena, London on April 28th of 1981.

Various Artists "Retro Active / Rare and Remixed vol. 4" $16 -- This is the fourth in the very popular series on Hi-Bias records out of Canada, and personally I think it's one of the best ones yet. Some of the tracks they dug up for this compilation are priceless for hard-core 80's fans like me. There are original extended versions like "New Song" by Howard Jones, "Hold It" by Stephen "Tin Tin" Duffy, "Underneath the Radar" by Underworld, "Living On the Ceiling" by Blancmange (one of my favorite Blancmange songs), and even the ultra-rare long version of "Burning Flame" by Vitamin Z. You can see the whole track list by clicking on the title on our homepage. It's worth it to pick up this entire series!

Various Artists "Electric 80s" (3CD) $36 -- This 3-disc set includes many of the synthpop hits of the 80's, including a handful of fun extended versions. Though not many of the tracks are particularly rare, it's a fun and relatively thorough collection of many of the most popular bands in the genre at the time, from Soft Cell, to Human League, to Talk Talk, to Yello, the Thompson Twins, etc. To see the entire track list, click on the title on our homepage.


The following CD's are available for pre-order on A Different Drum's homepage. If you order them now, they will be shipped as soon as they are released. Hey, check it out, a new IRIS album!

B! Machine "Forget" (MCD) $6.00

A Blue Ocean Dream "On the Road to Wisdom" (CD) $12.00

Iris "Wrath" (CD) $14.00

Leiahdorus "Kiss on the Telephone" (MCD) $5.00

Neuroactive "N-gin" (CD) $14.00

Rename "In Different Things" (MCD) $5.00

Rupesh Cartel "Death With Soft Names" (MCD) $5.00

Various Artists "Retro Active / Rare and Remixed vol 4" (CD) $16.00

Various Artists "Synthpop Club Anthems 4" (2CD) $8.00

Wave In Head "For a Special Moment / limited 2CD" (2CD) $14.00
Dr. Morozov

LeMans "Disco Related Injury" $12 -- Coming from the independent side of the new electro scene, these guys plays bubbly, but somewhat edgy electro with pulsing synths and talky vocals. The vocals are a mix between male and female (mostly male), but fuzzy effects and robot effects on the voice to give that mechanical electro sound. Fans of The Hacker or even Fischerspooner would like this stuff.

LeMans "Coldlife in the Fastlane" $10 -- This is the first album by LeMans, actually dating back a year. Once again, pulsing synths and groovy beats team up for an "electroclash" sound, helping to get LeMans established in the scene.

Funkervogt "Fallen Hero" (MCD) $11 -- It's time for another slamming new single from one of stars of the industrial dance / futurepop sound. Intense electronics pulse over the top of a thumping beat and the edgy vocals to whip up another dark club hit. There are four versions of the song on this single, plus a couple bonus tracks as well.

Outsource "Progress" $15 -- This CD actually came out a couple of years ago, but we haven't had it in ADD's store before. The band plays dark, moody synthpop that has some Depeche Mode influence vocally, but varies in musical approach from a light, danceable sound to an edgy, early-Nine Inch Nails sound. Some songs stand out more than others, but all-in-all, Outsource shows some promise.

Various "12 inch 80s Volume 2" (3CD) $29 -- The first volume of this cool 80's extended version collection was very cool (though we sold out fast and seem to have a hard time getting it back in stock). The second volume is also very nice, with a lot of choice songs from the 80's, ranging from synthpop and new wave to mainstream pop and rock. One things that I like is that they didn't just throw on the same predictable "hits" by many of these 80's bands, but instead picked some of the lesser-known 12-inch versions. It's a fun 3-disc set for 80's music collectors.


Yes, the upcoming releases keep piling on! We've got two more CD's added to the pre-order list now, both of which are being pushed through the factory as fast as possible so that they can be released in time for A Different Drum's Synthpop Festival. Both Leiahdorus and The Dignity of Labour are performing at this year's festival, and both of them have worked long and hard on their new albums to create modern masterpieces. You can now pre-order both of these exciting albums on our homepage:

B! Machine "Forget" (MCD) $6.00
A Blue Ocean Dream "On the Road to Wisdom" (CD) $12.00
The Dignity of Labour "The Dignity of Labour" (CD) $14.00
Iris "Wrath" (CD) $14.00
Leiahdorus "Kiss on the Telephone" (MCD) $5.00
Leiahdorus "Parallel Universe" (CD) $14.00
Neuroactive "N-gin" (CD) $14.00
Rename "In Different Things" (MCD) $5.00
Rupesh Cartel "Death With Soft Names" (MCD) $5.00
Various Artists "Retro Active / Rare and Remixed vol 4" (CD) $16.00
Various Artists "Synthpop Club Anthems 4" (2CD) $8.00
Wave In Head "For a Special Moment / limited 2CD" (2CD) $14.00
Dr. Morozov

Empire State Human "Cycles" $14 -- We just got the exciting new album by the popular Irish synthpop act, Empire State Human, cranking out melodic tunes with a more polished sound than ever. Their creative lyricism and slick performance has some retro appeal, while they can also appeal to the modern electro, glam audience. Fans of bands like Erasure or Blue October might find some familiar sounds here, though Empire State Human always manages to add some spice of their own.

Erasure "Here I Go Impossible Again / All This Time Still Falling Out of Love" (USA MCD) $8 -- We now have the American release of this, the third single from the incredible "Nightbird" album. It features two versions of "Here I Go..." and two versions of "All This Time..." plus a CD-Rom video track for "All This Time..." performed live in Cologne.

Babylonia "Catch Me" (MCD) $11 -- We've sold quite a few copies of the new Balyonia album "Later Tonight", and now we have the cool single for one of the best songs on the album, "Catch Me". There's a new acoustic version of the title track on this single, plus a remix of another song called "To Die 4" and a really slick cover version of Depeche Mode's song "Dangerous". Babylonia has a classic synthpop sound, with a vocalist that sounds like a relaxed, slightly raspier version of Camouflage. The band is from Italy.

System Syn "Postscript" $15 -- This is the second album from this edgy new futurepop / industrial dance band, this time released on the popular Metropolis Records label. Fitting right in with that label's roster of dark club acts and futurepop giants (think Cesium 137, Rotersand, Assemblage 23, Seabound, etc.) these guys crank out the hard beats and top it off with a mix of angst-ridden lyrics and VNV Nation-ish vocals.

Soviet "We Are Eyes We Are Builders" $15 -- It's been a couple of years since we've been able to get this debut album, but now it's been re-released. Soviet plays a brand of new-wave-flavored synthpop that caught on quickly in the "electroclash" scene a couple of years ago. They sold out of their album quickly as they road a wave of popularity, playing several shows and becoming an underground favorite. This re-release allows old fans and new explorers to check out one of synthpop's fun installments, in preparation for an upcoming new album.

The Birthday Massacre "Blue" (DVD) $16 -- This new DVD from one of the modern new wave sensations, The Birthday Massacre, is short, but interesting. It features the "Blue Video", plus a "making of" and other extras, like "Video Kid", "Violet", "Nevermind", and a photo gallery. As the band has catapulted in popularity during the course of only two albums, the fans are excited about this self-released video, since DVD releases are still a rarity in this scene.


Within the course of the next two weeks we'll be receiving many of the CD titles now available on A Different Drum's homepage for pre-order, including the new Leiahdorus single, the new "Synthpop Club Anthems 4" 2-CD set, the new IRIS album, the new Wave In Head album, the new Neuroactive album. etc. It's a flood of new music! However, there is a slight delay in the release of A Blue Ocean Dream's new album "On the Road to Wisdom" and Rupesh Cartel's single "Death With Soft Names", both of which will be released in September. All pre-orders are still valid, but those two titles will be shipped a little later than originally planned.


A Different Drum's library of links to free synthpop MP3's on Amazon.com has been growing a little bit at a time. Recently we've added links to the new single by CAPSIZE, "Dissatisfaction Guaranteed", a song from Ultraviolet's album called "Whatever", the new Silica Gel single "Nada Es Eterno", and a few Ladytron tracks. You can find direct links to all those MP3's and more right here:


Check out the new songs, and use that list to explore some of the sounds of synthpop that are available free to fans.
Dr. Morozov

Neuroactive "N-Gin" $14 -- The long-awaited 5th studio album from Neuroactive is finally available! This is a band that has transformed and experimented throughout the last decade, touching fans from the industrial dance scene to the synthpop scene, trying different vocal styles, but maintaining a punchy, signature sound with crisp, electronic programing. "N-Gin" continues that trend of exploration and metamorphosis, presenting several songs with different singers, along with some incredible instrumental tracks. Vocal contributions are made by the voices behind B! Machine, Rupesh Cartel, The Azoic, Blind Faith and Envy, and others. (Synthpop Addict Club members need not order.)

B! Machine "Forget" (MCD) $6 -- B! Machine again fills an excellent CD single full of moving songs and alternative versions. "Forget" is a fan favorite from the album "The Evening Bell", and here it finds new life. But instead of presenting a pile of "Forget" remixes, the single adds on several alternate version of other songs from the album, as well as an exclusive new song called "Curious". Melancholy, poetic synthpop never found an equal. (Synthpop Addict Club members need not order.)

Leiahdorus "Kiss on the Telephone" (MCD) $5 -- Leiahdorus made a great impression with their debut album, "Ashes Ashes", presenting a synthpop style that includes much of the new wave and alternative pop sounds of the 80's, blending smooth piano sounds into the electronic mesh of music. This new single continues with vocals that sound like a blend of Robert Smith (The Cure) and Marian Gold (Alphaville), performed with attitude and pizzazz. This single presents 4 versions of the title track on a collectable 3-inch CD. (Synthpop Addict Club members need not order.)

Iris "Wrath" $14 -- Iris has been one of the heavy-hitters of synthpop since 1995, and now they present their third studio album, packed with wonderfully written songs and slick production. With sounds similar to "Awakening", but perhaps even catchier and more memorable (if that's possible), "Wrath" will certainly please the band's many fans and will become yet another modern synthpop classic.

Marian Gold (Alphaville) "United" $20 -- This was the 2nd solo album by Alphaville's vocalist Marian Gold and became unavailable shortly after it's original release in 1996. Now it is re-released and available once again for the collectors who missed out the first time. Some of the songs sound like lost Alphaville tracks, while others sound a bit more eclectic and experimental.

D-Pressiv "Ruckblick" $20 -- This is a German-language synthpop band that released a couple of nice albums in the 90's, but has been rather quiet until now. This new album picks up nicely where they left off, with a perfect blend of airy female vocals and a deep, melodic male vocalist, singing together. The melodies are catchy, and the music sounds even better than it did years ago. Though all songs are sung in German, it's a stand-out album in the genre.

Intellivision "Calling Tokyo" $18 -- Released by the synth-dance label Hypersound Productions in Switzerland, this is one of the label's first releases with vocals. The poppy, bouncy synths are topped with a blend of processed male vocals and high-pitched female vocals, churning out a collection of songs that sounds like the best of 80's synthpop and 90's Italo disco. It sounds old-school, yet still fits the new scene if you're into light, catchy, fun-loving synthpop music. Check out a megamix from the album here (you need the Real Audio player to hear it): www.hypersound.ch/sounds/snd_hyps_71028.ra

Vertigo Blue "Area 51" $14 -- This is a new act that cranks out intense synthpop / futurepop music, primarily instrumental with touches of very robotic and alien-like voices and samples. The mood fits the alien theme of the "Area 51" title, with upbeat, danceable tracks that have a somewhat dark, sci-fi edge. The album nicely crosses over into the futurepop, trance, and even industrial dance scenes.

Michael Allred "Blind Faith" $15 -- This is the latest offering from the vocalist of the band Eurovision, with melodic, semi-romantic synthpop tunes. He has a nice voice and does a good job covering all the bases on this, his first solo release. Synthpop fans who like a focus on the song writing and singing will like what Mchael has put together here. Fans of Eurovision will not be disappointed since the style is very similar.

Various "Synthpop Club Anthems 4" (2CD) $8 -- The popular series continues with its first 2CD installment. There were just too many great club tracks to fit onto a single CD, so this time you can pick up 20 wonderful, catchy, energetic songs for a low price! From the poppy, bouncy synthpop favorites to the crossover, trance-flavored tracks, this one is guaranteed to keep you moving! It also features a few exclusive mixes that haven't been released elsewhere yet. (Synthpop Addict Club members need not order.)
Dr. Morozov

Leiahdorus "Parallel Universe" $14 -- "Parallel Universe" is the second album by the groundbreaking band Leiahdorus, presenting a perfect evolution from their debut album. With catchy songs and haunting vocal performances, this album shines brilliantly with creativity and top-notch productions skills. The music is always changing, taking the listener on twists and turns through the unexpected, touching on different emotions, and in the end it leaves you wanting more. Synthpop it redefined in Leiahdorus' "Parallel Universe". (Synthpop Addict Club members need not order.)

Wave In Head "For a Special Moment" (limited 2CD) $14 -- Germany's melodic synthpop act, Wave In Head, presents their 3rd studio album, packed with wonderfully written songs, catchy tunes, and a musical style that is drawing ever closer to electronic perfection. Wave In Head has an approach that drifts from moody ballads to uptempo, danceable songs, drawing on influences like De/Vision and Depeche Mode, but with some of the electronic airiness of Erasure or Elegant Machinery. Wave In Head is quickly becoming a synthpop hero. (Synthpop Addict Club members need not order.)

The Dignity of Labour "The Dignity of Labour" (limited 2CD) $14 -- When The Dignity of Labour set out to record this album, a goal was set to create the quintessential synthpop record. We feel that the goal was acheived-- each song soaring with memorable melodies, talented vocal performances, catchy synth hooks, a smooth electronic backbone, and lyrics which touch the heart and mind. The songs can make you dance, or simply work as the soundtrack to your busy life. Sit back and enjoy pristine synthpop with The Dignity of Labour. (Synthpop Addict Club members need not order.)

Rename "In Different Things" (MCD) $5 -- Rename is a fine synthpop newcomer from Germany that has been winning the hearts of the public with their debut album "Culture". Fans of Pet Shop Boys and Erasure are embracing this fresh breath of life in the scene. This single presents 4 different songs in remixed and old-school extended versions, including an exclusive bonus track "Summer Breeze". All this is found on a collectable 3-inch CD. (Synthpop Addict Club members need not order.)

Apoptygma Berzerk "In This Together" (limited 5-track MCD) $11 -- It's time to grab a teaser of the upcoming Apoptygma Berzerk album with this new single. This is a band that has changed style from time to time, also touching the nu-electro scene with their side project Fairlight Children. Once again the mood swings with this new song, leaving some of the trance-flavored futurepop behind to embrace the sound that's recently been revived by bands like The Killers. It's more of an 80's-flavored pop/rock song with a blend of synth and guitars, topped off with an anthem-like chorus. Who knows if this is going to be a sound that's continued throughout the entire album, but at least the single is a big swing from the last APB effort.

Apoptygma Berzerk "In This Together" (2-track MCD) $8 -- As mentioned above, the song is catchy and has a stand-out chorus, but sounds different than anything else by APB so far. Less pounding beats and more rockin' hooks.

Fischerspooner "Never Win" (MCD) $11 -- This two-track single presents a couple versions of another groovy electro pop hit from the band's recent album. It's catchy, bouncy, and fun with a definite 80's vibe.

Composure "Broken Doll" $12 -- This is a nice independent synthpop release featuring cool electronic production and a nice female vocalist. The music has a mid-80's Depeche Mode style, with a touch of buzzing analog synths that appeals to the modern electro crowd, and the singer adds her own nice touch with well-written lyrics and a smooth performance. The CD also delves deeper into the pure electronics with some edgy instrumentals and catchy synth hooks, and there is a song or two where the male side of the band takes the microphone to add a slightly Gary-Numan-esque touch.

Stromkern "Light It Up" $15 -- I haven't had time to listen to this new album yet, but judging from the previously release single "Stand Up", it's most likely packed with the band's trademark sound. Edgy electronics combine with sometimes-distorted, and sometimes melodic vocals performed with intensity and an industrial flavor.

That's all for this week. Again, I apologize for delays with order processing right now. Between the festival and all the new releases (you know, those piles of pre-ordered IRIS, Neuroactive, and Leiahdorus CD's...) it's just been very hard to keep up.
Dr. Morozov

Pet Shop Boys "Battleship Potemkin" $20 -- This isn't the usual "new album" by the legendary Pet Shop Boys. It's actually an original move score written for the classic silent film "Battleship Potemkin". It includes a lot of orchestral pieces, mixed in with some atmospheric electronic tracks, and three tracks with vocals (though not performed in the usual pop fashion). Die-hard fans of the Pet Shop Boys will want it in their collection, and though it isn't a pop album, it is well produced and has some nice music and interesting moments.

Hubert Kah "Psycho Radio" (MCD) $11 -- This is the second single from the latest Hubert Kah album, and it's definitely aimed at the dance scene. The first single "No Rain", tended to be more mellow, and frankly a bit lack-luster after the first couple listens. This single is much more bouncy and sounds more like a synthpop rebirth for Hubert Kah, including a radio edit, an old-fashioned extended version, a pulsing electronic club mix, and the bonus track "Raketen (Warp Acht Elektopunk Rmx)" which sounds like a throw back to Hubert Kah's early German new wave days.

ATB "Seven Years" $20 -- This is the new greatest hits collection from on of the big names in trance-pop, featuring songs collected from 1998-2005. ATB usually pulls in some great guest vocalists and keeps a melodic, catchy touch to his trancey dance tunes. Fans of Paul Van Dyk, Blank & Jones, etc. would probably enjoy ATB as well.

Joy Electric "The Ministry of Archers" $15 -- Ronnie Martin cranks out another thematic concept album, packed with bleepy, old-school synths and quirky vocal performances. Though Joy Electric's music usually sounds light and fluffy on the surface, the lyrical approach and story-line arrangements show that Ronnie takes his music very seriously. I like the song titles too: "Lean On Your Sufficience", "String Up Your Pittance", "Massacre Your Valuables", "Choke the Remaining Beasts", "Pull Back the Bow, Snap", etc. This is analog synthesis at it's best.

Funker Vogt "Navigator" $15 -- With this new release, it has been said that the band will determine their future course based on the success of this CD (or lack of success, as the case may be). They deviate a bit more on this album from the usual Funker Vogt sound, teaming up their usual lyrical treatment of war and politics with a few extra guitar sounds, while the music in general tends to stay very uptempo and sounds like a slightly heavier new release by the band's side-project, Fictional. I'm not traditionally a Funker Vogt fan myself, but I actually enjoyed this album. The vocals are a bit fuzzier in places than the usual "synthpop" approach, but all in all it's quite melodic and danceable compared to a lot of industrial music in the scene. Futurepop fans won't be disappointed in this offering, and again, I'd recommend it for fans of Fictional.

Paul Van Dyk "The Other Side" (MCD - two tracks) $11 -- This new song by Paul Van Dyke features vocals by Wayne Jackson. I like the sound of the music and the singer does a great job fitting the mood, with a voice sounding like a relaxed, more mysterious version of U2's Bono. It fits nicely back-to-back with the bonus song on this 2-track single, which happens to be the original version of "Wir Sind Wir" featuring vocals by Peter Heppner of Wolfsheim. If you missed grabbing the "Wir Sind Wir" single before, here's a good chance to pick up a great song for Wolfsheim fans, and it features the new tracks as well.

Paul Van Dyk "The Other Side" (MCD - 5 tracks) $11 -- This edition of the new single features the original version of "The Other Side" with Wayne Jackson on vocals, plus 4 extra remixes of the song, mixed in various clubby styles.

Machine Made Pleasure "Spirit Within" $14 -- The synthpop scene has a way of slapping new albums by completely new bands on the shelf with surprising frequency. Some bands stand out as very promising new additions, and I'd include Machine Made Pleasure in that category. The music is well produced, following a mix of traditional synthpop melodies and sounds with a touch of the modern futurepop approach here and there. The vocalist has a good voice, with a somewhat romantic lilt to it, singing in a relaxed fasion that sounds a little less intense than a lot of the music coming out of the German side of the scene. Check out samples here: www.machinemadepleasure.com/music.html

Drunkness "Rebellion der Schachfiguren" $20 -- We've had CD's in by Drunkness in and out of A Different Drum's store for several years. This is the band's 5th studio album, showing that they are alive and well in Germany's underground. They continue playing their dark synthpop sound, with some edge and intensity, but with catchy elements thrown in the mix. Hit this homepage address to check out audio clips from the album: www.drunkness.com/audio/cov_rds.htm

Icehouse "Street Cafe and Other Remixed Hits" $16 -- This is just a re-packed and re-released version of the previously released "Meltdown" album which features new versions of Icehouse classics. It's a bit less expensive now, being sold by the ZYX label to the dance market. Some of the versions are nice, uptempo remakes while others tend to be a bit more on the trippy, ambient side of the spectrum, though vocals are usually kept intact. The highlight for me is the new song "Lay Your Hands On Me" which is also included on this CD and happens to sound like a modern synthpop club hit.

Various "The Greatest Eighties" (European PAL DVD) $12 -- We've had this import DVD in stock before, but now it's available at a lower price. Plus, I know a lot more people have had the chance to pick up multi-region, PAL compatible DVD players since 2002 (I affectionately call them "cheap Chinese DVD players", which are the kinds you regularly find for less than $50 at discount stores like Walmart, Target, etc.). This DVD features video clips by folks like Thomas Dolby, Kim Wilde, Kate Bush, Ultravox, Midge Ure, Culture Club, China Crisis, etc.
Dr. Morozov

Howard Jones "Revolution of the Heart" $15 -- Howard was a personal favorite of mine back in the 80's when he was cranking out some really nice synthpop tunes, which lead into a couple of highly successful commercial ballads as well. But I'll admit that I lost interest through the past few years as his music has swayed more into the acoustic and soft-rock arenas. His song writing has always been solid, and nobody can doubt his talent. This new album has me listening again, with the same exciting I had back in the good old days. Howard has once again turned his focus onto the electronic pop foundation of his past, writing a nice mix of uptempo songs as well as moody ballads, but all with that synth foundation that I love. In my ears, he's right back in form, and as good as ever with "Revolution of the Heart".

Invisible Ballet "Escaping the Light" $15 -- This is an ultra-cool new release from Nilaihah Records with a dreamy female vocalist and some pumping, sharp electronics. The mechanical soundscapes are a wonderful contrast to the floating voice, creating a unique, memorable sound. The songs are also catchy and stand out, with good lyrics and top-notch performance. This sounds to me like one of the stand-out female-lead synthpop acts in the scene now.

Heaven 17 "Before After" $14 -- This is a new album by another one of the long-time, well-established names in the synthpop scene, having found great success in the 80's, followed by a couple fun albums in the last decade. The album kicks off with a traditionally fun, rhythmic, groovy, ultra-catchy song that let's you know they still have all the skills intact. The pace doesn't let up, as some great disco-flavored guitar licks blend in with the pulsing electronic rhythms and great vocals. I think there are more club-friendly tracks on this album than I've heard on a Heaven 17 album even dating back into their days of fame! NOTE: There is a limited edition that we are trying to get in stock which includes extra postcards and other printed extras, if you want to hold out for that-- it will be added to our online catalog as soon as it arrives.

Endless Blue "Smoke Through It" $10 -- Aaaah.... That's the best way to describe this 2nd album from Endless Blue. It's chilled out, it's moody, and it's dreamy. The down-tempo beats team up with a mix of synths, a nice bass guitar, and the band's trademark female vocals with just a touch of blues. The lyrical themes tend to be pretty depressing (in a good way, of course), with just the right touch of tortured love.

Schiller "Prologue" $12 -- This new mini-album by Schiller deviates from the established sound of the previous releases by turning down the drum machines a notch and going for a completely relaxed feel. The melodies and guest vocals are pretty much left out this time and the album starts to feel like back-ground music for a nice massage, but it's nice, and a nice addition to the collection for loyal Schiller fans who like his chill-out mixes. Fans of Enigma might enjoy this one too.

Schiller "Life" (CD+DVD) $20 -- This is the US release of the "Leben" album, which actually came out a year ago. But this edition features a bonus DVD with more than 90 minutes of Schiller live in concert. Again, it features nice guest vocalists, including Peter Heppner from Wolfsheim and Veljanov from Deine Lakaien.

Negative Format "Moving Past Boundaries" $15 -- This new album on the Metropolis Records label features a collection of uptempo, semi-trance, semi-futurepop tracks that focus more on the intense instrumentation and pounding beats, with some minimal filtered and robot-style vocals. It's more of a progressive trance album than I've ever heard on Metropolis, and would probably appeal to fans of Juno Reactor or even Underworld. There are a couple mellow, Delerium-style tracks added onto the album to give you a moment of relaxation, but for the most part, this is intense, electronic dance music with an aggressive edge.

The Gentry "Sweet Gossip TV" $12 -- This new release on Ninthwave Records deviates from the label's usual sound, with a band that sounds more like a new wave rock band of the 80's. There are some old-school keyboards thrown into the mix, but the guitars also play a major roll, creating a sound like was coming out in the early 80's as several bands were making a transition from their 70's punk days into the more accessible new wave sound. As I listen to it, I think of a mix between The Clash and the modern hit band The Killers. There are a couple tracks that also sound like very early songs by The Cure (like the "Killing an Arab" days). Synth purists won't get into this, but new wave rockers should like it.

Absurd Minds "Revived" $16 -- This new release is a limited edition that takes a look back at the career of Absurd Minds, with songs collected from three albums, several out-of-print singles, and three new, unreleased songs in their rough forms. For those who like hard-edged synthpop / semi-industrial, it's a great collection from a band that scenesters have most likely heard of in the past.

Solitary Experiments "Mind over Matter" (2CD) $20 -- I haven't had a chance to listen to this new album by Solitary Experiments yet, but it's hyped as a mature, uptempo, electro-industrial dance masterpiece, and this first edition features a bonus disc of lives takes.

New Order "Item / A Collection and New Order Story" (2DVD) $24 -- This is an excellent new video collection for the legendary band New Order. The first disc called "A Collection" features all the video clips, ranging from the ultra-artsy and entertaining, to some of somewhat dull videos of the past. But it's great to have them all in one place. The second DVD is "New Order Story" which is a documentary on the band featuring many live performances.

Front 242 "Catch the Men" (DVD) $18 -- This live Font 242 concert from 2004 is now available on DVD in the USA for a nicer price than the import, and NTSC for the common American DVD player.


The following CD's are available for pre-order on our homepage. So if you order now, they will be shipped to you as soon as they arrive from the factory:

A Blue Ocean Dream "On the Road to Wisdom" $12 -- The fun new album from a Swedish act that combines cool old-school electro with a good voice.

Rupesh Cartel "Death With Soft Names" (MCD) $5 -- This song is one of the favorites from their album, and now there's an extended version!
Dr. Morozov

The Beloved "The Sun Rising / Platinum Collection" $15 -- This is a new hits collection from one of my favorite acts of the late 80's and 90's. The Beloved put out some great pop music, combining a breathy male vocal with pumped beats and some funky attitude. Songs like "The Sun Rising", "Hello", and "Time After Time" were great singles. My favorite songs were from the later works, like the songs "Ease the Pressure" and "Deliver Me", and all these are on this collection.

Re-Order "True Faith 2005" (MCD) $11 -- This is a new dance remake of the classic hit "True Faith" by New Order. The vocals sound quite similar to the original, though you can tell it's a different singer, and the music is updated to a more standard Euro club sound. Released by the ZYX label, it fits right into their usual dance fare with the techno beats and high energy arrangement, though it thankfully sticks to the original structure of the song and lyrics.

Frozen Ghost "The Essentials" $16 -- This is a lesser known pop / rock band from the late 80's that I personally didn't discover until a friend gave me a rare copy of an out-of-print album. They play more of an 80's rock sound that fits nicely in with bands like Simple Minds and U2, with some nice ballads and great melodies, though primarily accompanied by guitar. We got a few in for the many 80's collectors who shop at A Different Drum.

Echo and the Bunnymen "Seven Seas / Platinum Collection" $15 -- This band found a good deal of fame in the 80's with their new wave rock sound. This new hits collection pulls together a nice bunch of songs including the likes of "Lips Like Sugar", "The Cutter", and "Bedbugs and Ballyhoo".

Pseudo Echo "Long Plays / Best Adventures" (2CD) $18 -- This is a really good deal to pick up these two CD's in one shot. You can get the long versions of classic Psuedo Echo songs on the first disc, including original extended versions of "Listening", "A Beat For You", "Love An Adventure", "Funky Town", etc. The second disc features 14 of the bands most popular 80's hits. This is one of those great bands of the 80's from Australia that combined synths and guitars for a catchy, fun pop sound. Though they probably enjoyed the most attention with their cover of "Funky Town", I personally think that was their low point, with their other original songs shining much more brightly.

Bananarama "Really Saying Something / Platinum Collection" $15 -- Here is one of the very successful girl bands of the 80's, playing a synthpop / dance sound that was a regular in the club scene of the time. I remember dancing time and time again to some of the songs on this collection, though I find it interesting that there are 18 songs here, but that only includes the top hits "Venus", "I Heard a Rumour", and "Love In the First Degree" as a megamix medley on the last track, rather than in their original full versions. The other 17 tracks include songs like "Robert de Niro's Waiting", "Cruel Summer '89", "Young at Heart", etc.

Culture Club "Singles and Remixes / 2005" $22 -- This new hits and mixes collection features 13 remastered hits like "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me", "Karma Chameleon", "The War Song", etc. but then adds on 6 completely new remixes of their old hits. These new dance mixes go from the thumping club versions to the bleepy nu-electro versions.

Aztec Camera "Deep and Wide and Tall / Platinum Collection" $15 -- This light 80's pop act was played regularly on the new wave stations with nice songs like "Walk Out to Winter", "All I Need is Everything", and "Oblivious", all of which are included on this catchy, relaxed collection.

NEW RANKING on www.adifferentdrum.com

We've added a new ranking feature on A Different Drum's homepage recently, showing the sales rank for the year 2005 (so far) on each CD in our online catalog. When you click on the title of a CD on our homepage, you'll see a "current sales rank for 2005" figure that tells you where that CD falls in line when we count all orders placed through our homepage. These ranks do not count phone orders, but only count CD's that were purchased by clicking through A Different Drum's online shopping cart.

For example, if you click on Leiahdorus "Parallel Universe", you'll see that it is currently ranked #4, meaning that after counting all CD's ordered in 2005 through our homepage, it's now in forth place. If you click on a title and don't see a ranking, then it means that CD has not been purchased in 2005 yet. Only when a CD is ordered does it start to show a ranking. This information may be interesting for you to look at, or it may not matter at all, since we hope you order the music you truly enjoy, regardless of it's ranking icon_smi.gif

Just for fun, here's the current top 20 of 2005, though it may fluctuate even from day to day, since some of them are running very closely in the ranks:

#1 -- Iris "Wrath" (CD) $14.00
#2 -- Various Artists "Synthpop for a Darkened Room 3" (CD) $6.00
#3 -- Syrian "Kosmonauta / limited 2CD edition" (2CD) $14.00
#4 -- Leiahdorus "Parallel Universe" (CD) $14.00
#5 -- Rupesh Cartel "Mainland / limited edition 2CD" (2CD) $14.00
#6 -- Raindancer "Audio" (CD) $12.00
#7 -- Nevarakka "Color vs The Light" (CD) $12.00
#8 -- Various Artists "Synthpop Club Anthems 4" (2CD) $8.00
#9 -- Various Artists "State of Synthpop / 2005" (6CD) $28.00
#10 -- The Dignity of Labour "The Dignity of Labour / Limited Edition 2CD" (2CD) $14.00
#11 -- Neuroactive "N-gin" (CD) $14.00
#12 -- De/Vision "Turn Me On" (MCD) $6.00
#13 -- Various Artists "Synthpop Club Anthems 3" (CD) $6.00
#14 -- Wave In Head "For a Special Moment / limited 2CD" (2CD) $14.00
#15 -- B! Machine "The Evening Bell / Limited Edition 4CD set" (4CD) $18.00
#16 -- Rename "Culture" (CD) $14.00
#17 -- Blue October "One Day Silver One Day Gold" (CD) $14.00
#18 -- Various Artists "Synthpop for a Darkened Room 2" (CD) $6.00
#19 -- Various Artists "State of Synthpop / 2003 PLUS 2005" (11CD) $40.00
#20 -- Various Artists "Retro Active / Rare and Remixed vol 3" (CD) $16.00

That's a great collection of music represented above.
Dr. Morozov

Apoptygma Berzerk "You and Me Against the World" (limited edition) $24 -- Apoptygma Berzerk is a band that has risen to an admirable level of success in the scene, yet they (or actually "he") still seem to change directions with each new album, as if feeling out the market to find larger fame. After going through their gothic / industrial phase, and into the futurepop and trance phase, and then touching on the "electroclash" trend with the Fairlight Children project, APB has now decided that it's hip to sound more like an 80's new wave / rock band. In other words, you can expect to hear a difference between this album and anything else APB has done. This time around, APB sounds like a catchy version of The Killers. Thankfully, APB has the skills to pull off whatever new sound they embrace, so even though you may find yourself somewhat shocked by the amount of guitar and live drum sounds on "You and Me Against the World", you'll probably end up snapping your fingers and singing along because it certainly is catchy. There are a couple tunes where the synths take the lead, since APB is an electronic band at heart, so you won't be left entirely without the electronic edge you've come to expect. You make the call-- is it a good move, or not? Right now, we just have the limited edition digipack with the two extra tracks.

In Strict Confidence featuring Melotron "The Sun Always Shines on TV" (limited MCD) $18 -- I was excited to get this limited edition single release because I'm a collector at heart, plus I'm a big fan of A-Ha (yes, this is a cover version of the classic A-Ha tune), and I also really enjoy Melotron. Wow! Would this be a chance to hear the vocalist from Melotron take a shot at the English language? When I received this cool little black box bearing the 3-inch single and the accompanying "mini-TV", I was excited to see what it held in store. When I opened the package, the answer popped into my mind immediately: "this is a gimmick". The little TV that comes with the single is basically just a little TV-shaped Viewmaster toy, where you push the little button and a picture changes as you look inside the peephole. There are four little pictures of a guy with a burning TV that you can click and look at over and over again. Hmm...if you have kids, maybe they'll like it for about 10 seconds. OK, so on to the CD. The cover version is really well produced, with the music sounding a lot like the original with a modern edge added to it. But the lead vocals are actually by a female, and I don't think I actually heard Melotron's vocalist in there, unless he's so well hidden in the mix that I couldn't find him. Maybe Melotron really did the music? Anyway, it's a really nice cover version, but not quite what I expected. There's one bonus track song by In Strict Confidence. So, to sum it up, this is indeed a gimmick, but the packaging is at least interesting and the song was cool. Kinda expensive for two tracks and a plastic toy, but I guess they figure that the collectors will want it anyway. Yeah, or course I'm keeping one!

John Foxx "Cathedral Oceans III" $20 -- Though John Foxx has been consistently producing new music for the last 30 years, some people still seem surprised to see new albums coming from him. This new wave pioneer has changed his style through the years, moving from a pop direction into an electronic ambient vibe. This new album is packed with ultra-atmospheric tracks, filled with lush synth sounds, and vocals that are layered thick with reverb and echoing effects. John's voice is so thick with effects that it sounds like he's singing in a canyon, sometimes with the vocals seemingly reversed so that the lyrics aren't meant to make any sense. It's all about creating a very dreamy atmosphere. If you want poppy tunes, or bouncy beats, you won't find them here. But John Foxx is still a man on the cutting edge of electronic music, even if it is vocal ambient music. Listen to this with the lights off with no distractions, and you'll be in a dreamworld very quickly.

Diary of Dreams "Alive (best of)" $20 -- Though I understood this new import to be a new album when I saw it listed as a new release, it turns out to be a collection of some of the most popular songs by Diary of Dreams from the last few years. It features songs like "MenschFeind", "Giftraum", "O' Brother Sleep", and "Amok". If you're unfamiliar with Diary of Dreams, it's one of the top electronic "gothic pop" acts in the scene. Though the music is electronic and the beats are often pumped, making it quite danceable, the vocals are performed with a deep, dark voice and a level of desperation that makes it sound sometimes eerie and "gothic". I often recommend Diary of Dreams to fans of Clan of Xymox who also love electronic music because in many ways it sounds like a more danceable, synthy version of Clan of Xymox, but with the vocals pushed even more over-the-top on the brooding scale. If you already have all the CD's by Diary of Dreams, you won't need this one. But if you'd like one disc to represent this long-time, well-known band in the scene, this is the one to get.

XP8 "Hrs Min Sec" $15 -- We've had a couple of cool CD's by XP8 in our store before, and the band has shown promise as a big player in the futurepop market, with high-energy music and the usual deep vocal approach heard in the scene. This latest album is better produced than the previous offerings, which could be a result of the production help by Sebastian Komor of Icon of Coil. The music tends to have that Icon of Coil kick to it, with punchy beats and crisp electronics. The vocals still sound somewhat like a lot of other futurepop bands, though they are well performed (maybe I'm just getting tired of the droning vocal sound, personally). It includes all the ingredients for a industrial / futurepop club hit, and you'll find yourself chanting along with some of the catchy choruses. Sometimes the lyrics are a bit on the silly side, with stuff like "I can make you bleed and shout, how much pain can you stand" , or "suffer and bleed, laugh and cry, if I give her life, she'll have to die..." OK, but that kind of stuff works in the dark dance clubs, and you'll be dancing right away.

OVNI "Objet Volant Non Identifie" $20 -- This thumping new act his a cool vibe with a kicked-back male vocalist, while throbbing electronic music twists and turns in many uptempo directions throughout the album. Sometimes the singer even sounds like a Depeche Mode influenced synthpop star, singing along melodically with music that stays more on the cutting edge, with a blend of futurepop, electronica, and EBM. Female vocals jump in now and then for nice effect. Hmm, the best way to describe it would be to take Dave Gahan and throw him in as a guest star with Juno Reactor or Frontline Assembly. It's pretty cool, intense stuff which happily avoids too much distortion or the predictable droning vocals.

OVNI "Objet Volant Non Identifie" (limited deluxe 2CD edition) $30 -- We got a few of the limited edition which features 12 extra remixes and demos on a bonus disc, packaged in a DVD case with extra postcards, stickers, etc.

Compulsion "Machines" $20 -- This is an edgy, dark synthpop band with the deep male vocals, somewhat suggestive lyrics (hmm, suggestive cover too), fitting nicely in with a lot of the German-style synthpop sound. Think of a blend of And One with bands like Beborn Beton, Distain, etc. but with more of a "bad boy" theme throughout. There's some songs that stand out more than others, but all in all it's a solid debut album.

Decades "DeLuxe EP" (EP) $8 -- Earlier this year we got in the cool synthpop debut album by Decades, featuring their catchy, well produced sound. I didn't know at the time that they'd previously released this "DeLuxe" EP featuring 4 songs, "No Cure", "And I Smile", "Checkmate", and "Weep". Only one of those songs ended up on the album, so this EP provides the fans with three extra songs, all of which are quite nice. I think this is one of the German synthpop bands to watch in coming years. Go to www.decades-music.de and click on the "sounds" link to check out samples from the album as well as from this EP.

Romantic Vision "Worldwide Panic" (MCD) $8 -- This is a new catchy synthpop offering from Finland's Cyberware Productions label. The sharp, pulsing synths fit nicely with the bands melodic vocal style which sounds quite similar to a lot of the classic Swedish synthpop bands of the 90's. I like the title track to this single which has a memorable, moody chorus. The single provides an edit of the song, and the album version, with a bonus song called "Selfsame". You should definitely hit this lengthy URL to check out the music video for the song (though it might take a while to load on your browser, be patient):

Romantic Vision "Pleasure Object" $16 -- As I mentioned briefly in the description of the single above, Romantic Vision reminds me quite a bit of a lot of the music coming out on the October Records label in Sweden in the mid 90's, with moments that sound a bit like KieTheVez, or Children Within, Statemachine, or Sombre View. However, they also manage to put together some nice uptempo tracks that blend in just the right amount of guitar to make them sound like a would-be 80's hit by New Order or The Cure. All in all, these guys put together a really great album here, sounding familiar enough to feel like an old friend, but with fresh new songs.

Maxx Claxon "Paranoid Style" (EP) $8 -- Though Maxx Claxon is definitely more on the nu-electro or "electroclash" tip, he seems to make it a bit more catchy and "synthpoppy" than some other bands. The version of "First We Take Manhattan", though simple, is quite well done. The cover of Iron Maiden's song "Die With Your Boots On" also worked out surprisingly well, turning it into a bubbly electro-synth tune. One of the tracks also features a guest appearance by Club Telex Noise Ensemble and Chicks on Speed. If you like the bouncy, bleepy, pulsing nu-electro sound with the half-talked, half-sung vocal approach, this is a good one for you.

The Frozen Autumn "Is Anybody There?" $20 -- This is The Frozen Autumn's forth album, with their earliest offerings already collectable rarities. I always compare this band to the "Twist of Shadows" or "Phoenix" era Xymox. The music is completely synth, but the vocal approach and echoing effects make it sound like some of that late 80's or early 90's stuff from Xymox or the 4AD label. Appropriately enough, this new album is released on the Pandaimonium Records label owned by Clan of Xymox. Some of the songs have uptempo music and catchy synth hooks, while the vocals still waft slowly over the top, keeping a mysterious mood even when the music has quite a bit of pep. There is a female vocalist who adds in a nice touch on a couple of the songs, giving the album some nice variety and change of pace.

Funker Vogt "Navigator" (limited edition 2CD) $22 -- This is the limited edition import of the new Funker Vogt album, and it comes packaged in a tin case with a bonus video CD with the "Fallen Hero" music video. Big fans might enjoy having this cool collectable.

Mike Oldfield "Light and Shade" (2CD) $20 -- We got this new release in stock for those who really love the dreamy electronic music of Mike Oldfield, which fits nicely into any collection where you'd find CD's by Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, or Schiller. The "Light" CD is very mellow and melodious. The focus is on the dreamy instrumental melodies, including a pretty track called "Closer" which I recognize instantly as a hymn called "Nearer My God to Thee" (don't know why the title is different). Any vocals are whispered as atmospheric effect. The "Shade" CD changes the mood into a danceable sound, adding the drum tracks and driving bass lines along with the dreamy piano melodies, etc. Another interesting feature on this album is the collection of four songs available in the "U-MYX" format. When you pop the CD in your computer, it opens a program that lets you play those four songs with a control panel to turn different parts of the music on or off, making your own mix. If the classical guitar bugs you, you can take it out, etc. It's pretty fun to play with.

Generator "Death" (limited edition EP) $14 -- This is the precursor to the new Generator album "Disease", featuring a collection of remixes aimed at the DJ's and fans. There are 11 tracks on here, with mixes by Lights of Euphoria, Steril, The Eternal Afflict, and more. As usual, it's intense music, with strong beats, deep male vocals, and light female vocals. It's dark and fitting to the industrial dance scene, with an overdose of electronic edge.

Andy Bell "Electric Blue" (European) $18 -- We didn't get our supply of the US release from Andy Bell, the vocalist of legendary synthpop act Erasure. But, we do have a few copies of the European import if anybody wants to pick it up in a hurry. Though the epic synthesizer work of Vince Clark is absent in Andy's first solo release, the wonderful vocals and great song writing are 100% intact. This is still great pop music, and the vocals soar, with catchy melodies and a fun attitude. Some of the songs would go over really well in the dance club, like the forthcoming single "Crazy" which is as good as anything Erasure has put out lately. There are two tracks featuring Claudia Brucken, who seems to be showing up in several places lately, plus another song with Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters. Basically, Erasure fans should not hold back on this one. Yes, we'll have the US release in stock very soon (probably Tuesday) and you can order it on our homepage already if you want. Since Monday is a postal holiday, we wouldn't be able to ship your order until then anyway. The US release will be $3 cheaper.

Helios "Copy This Day" $20 -- We stocked the previous album by Helios a few years ago, and I'd thought they'd dropped out of the picture. But now they present a new album that picks up where they left off with their moody German-style synthpop. Most of the songs are in English, with a couple German-language songs thrown in for good measure. This is a nice slice of modern synthpop that includes some songs with more of a hard edge. It has a nice balance of melody and angst, just like the synthpop doctor ordered. Go here to visit the band's homepage (click on the British flag for English) and you can hear samples by clicking on "MUSIC" and then on the song titles: www.helios-music.de

Jean Michel Jarre "Equinoxe / Oxygene / Chronologie" (3CD Box) $28 -- Jean Michel Jarre is one of the pioneers of melodic instrumental synth music. He was pushing synthesizers and samplers as extraordinary instruments back in the late 70's and 80's along with other guys like Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, etc. This box set puts together three of his albums into one affordable package, in a nicely designed box. "Oxygene" was originally released in 1977 and "Equinoxe" in 1978, while "Chronologie" was released in 1993 and featured a more modernized trancey touch. So, you get to taste the music of Jean Michel Jarre with a span of 16 years in this 3 disc set.

Blank & Jones "Relax Edition Two" (2CD) $24 -- These German superstar DJ's and music producers have become favorites of mine lately. When they do trance, they do it well, bringing in some nice vocal talent, and also making mixes of other artists songs that are top-notch (their mix of Wolfsheim's "Wundervoll" still blows me away). On this "Relax" collection, they turn their sights away from the dance club and create a collection of tracks that will lull you off into a completely relaxed state, as the soothing sounds and drifting melodies carry you away to the beach, or to any other exotic location your mind an reach. I really like the use of different male and female vocalists on the different songs. It makes a very nice variety as you move from instrumental, to dreamy female vocals, to relaxed male vocals, and back again. Though this new 2CD may not have the kinetic energy as their other releases, it is packed with musicality and talent for your chilled-out moments. Come to think of it, if you pick up this 2CD, plus the new Mike Oldfield, and the new John Foxx, you'll have enough relaxing music to last for hours, and all you'll have left to do is hire a private masseuse (did I spell that right? you know...for a long massage...)

The Alphabet Girls "Beatnik Europa" $12 -- This is a new slice of low-fi nu-electro that has elements similar to bands like Ladytron or Chicks on Speed. The old-school synths and drum machines pump along in the background while the female vocals sing along with light-hearted lyrics like "I am sushi, you are sushi too". The singer actually sings more than talks, which is a plus in my book. The recording sounds like it is intentionally meant to sound like it's recorded on an analog cassette tape deck in a cheap studio. I even hear little static pops here and there, so you get this feeling like you're listening to an old 80's garage demo from a completely electronic girl band. It has it's charm.

Virtual Embrace "Hellektro" (limited edition 2CD) $30 -- This slamming industrial dance act just put out a new album, and we just got in a few copies of the limited edition which comes packaged in a DVD case with a bonus disc loaded with extra remixes, plus the usual collection of cards and stickers. This stuff it a bit too intense for me right now (especially after getting so chilled out with that Blank & Jones release). Those who like it hard, fast, and furious, you'll dig this.

Paul Van Dyk / Peter Heppner "Wir sing Wir" (MCD) $11 -- We've had two different editions of this single in stock before, with a great song that sounds like it was lost off of a Wolfsheim album. But those went out of print quickly. Now the single is re-issued again with more tracks, which is a nice touch. On this edition you get the new orchestral version as the leading track, recorded with German Philharmonic Orchestra. Then you get the original radio version with Paul Van Dyk, and then the ambient mix which removes the drums. Then you get 3 CD-Rom video tracks, including some documentary interviews with Paul Van Dyk and Peter Heppner of Wolfsheim.

Various Artists "Dark Trance vs. Neo-Goth" (2CD) $18 -- This cool collection focuses on the interesting mix of semi-gothic dance music and dark trance that is finding itself in the same clubs lately. The 2 discs feature a non-stop mix by DJ Rib, and there are some cool tracks on here by the likes of Aiboforcen, X-Marks the Pedwalk, Delobbo, Nebula-H, Blank & Jones, Neikka RPM, Ayria, VNV Nation, Sinead O'Conner, etc. For your parties where you want some dark, trancey, thumping beats, going non-stop, this will work nicely.

Erasure "Great Hits Live" (European PAL DVD) $18 -- This is a collectable DVD that appears to be originally released in Australia, though I picked it up from Europe. It's a collection of 6 live hits by Erasure, including performances of "Love to Hate You", "Chains of Love", "In My Arms", "A Little Respect", "Take a Chance On Me", and "Don't Say Your Love is Killing Me". Though I can't see any indication of where the performances were filmed, it looks colorful and well produced. This is just a nice little collectable for the big Erasure fans. Since it is in PAL format (region 0), you will need one of those multi-region players, like the cheap Chinese imports you pick up in discount stores. Or you can always watch it on your computer DVD-Rom drive.

Elegant Machinery "Archives" (European PAL DVD) $20 -- This new DVD release collects some of the great video moments from the top-notch Swedish synthpop act of the 90's. You can several live performances pulled together, with some interviews and extras. If you missed out on the previously released VHS tape from Elegant Machinery, you can now get the DVD!


The following CD's are all available for order on www.adifferentdrum.com and most of them will start shipping next week (remember, it's a postal holiday on Monday, so that means we'll be in action as soon as Tuesday). A few of these titles are due to arrive the following week. For example, we'll be shipping the imported singles for Depeche Mode's "Precious" beginning on Tuesday. You can always go directly here to see what is available for pre-order:


Or here is a handy list for your reference:

Andy Bell "Crazy / Import 2 track" (MCD) $8.00
Andy Bell "Crazy / Import 5 track" (MCD) $11.00
Andy Bell "Crazy / USA" (MCD) $8.00
Andy Bell "Electric Blue" (CD) $15.00
A Blue Ocean Dream "On the Road to Wisdom" (CD) $12.00
Depeche Mode "Playing the Angel" (CD) $15.00
Depeche Mode "Playing the Angel / Japanese 1 bonus track" (CD) $30.00
Depeche Mode "Playing the Angel / Limited Edition with DVD" (2CD) $21.00
Depeche Mode "Precious / European DVD Single" (DVD) $11.00
Depeche Mode "Precious / European Part 1" (MCD) $8.00
Depeche Mode "Precious / European Part 2" (MCD) $11.00
Depeche Mode "Precious / USA 6 tracks" (MCD) $8.00
Rupesh Cartel "Death With Soft Names" (MCD)


The following CD's have come back in stock, due to a renewed demand. With the new Neuroactive "N-Gin" album now available, you may be interested in tracing the band's metamorphosis from the early years, so we now have Neuroactive's first two albums and first single back in stock. Also, with the interest and feedback on the new Drunkness album, we've gone back and picked up their earlier releases...

Neuroactive "Neuron" (MCD) $11
Neuroactive "Morphology" $20
Neuroactive "Phonic Trace (European Edition)" $20
Drunkness "Area 51" $14
Drunkness "One of 200.000.000" $14
Drunkness "A Light Beyond the End" $14
Drunkness "Forgotten Times" $14
Echo Image "Need to Be Proud" (European edition MCD) $11
Diorama "Pale" (re-released with new bonus tracks and new cover art) $20
Dr. Morozov
In this week's synthpop update, I'm going to try to clarify what tracks are on each Depeche Mode "Precious" single, since I've had several people ask me which imports or US editions that should pick up. First of all, I have to warn you that the marketing on this single was very well orchestrated so that all import singles including the DVD and the US single have something unique to offer, thus enticing the ultra-collectors to buy them all. Evil... Anyway, here you go, with the "Precious" track lists:

Depeche Mode "Precious" (import part 1 MCD) $8
1. Precious - Album Version
2. Precious - Sasha's Spooky Mix (Edit)

Depeche Mode "Precious" (import part 2 MCD) $11
1. Precious - Sasha's Gargantuan Vocal Mix (Edit)
2. Precious - Misc. Full Vocal Mix
3. Free

Depeche Mode "Precious" (import DVD single) $11
1. Precious - Video
2. Precious - Motor Remix
3. Precious - Michael Mayer Ambient Mix

Depeche Mode "Precious" (USA single) $8
1. Precious - Sasha's Spooky Mix
2. Precious - Sasha's Gargantuan Vocal Mix
3. Precious - Michael Mayer Balearic Mix
4. Precious - Misc Full Vocal Mix
5. Precious - Misc Crunch Mix
6. Precious - Motor Mix

Of special note, if you want the bonus track "Free", you have to get the "import part 2" single, since it does not appear on the USA single or the part 1. Or, you can order the Japanese import of the "Playing the Angel" album which includes the track "Free" as a bonus track, though it's much more expensive to get the Japanese import.

Now, let's also go over the new "Crazy" single by Andy Bell, since there are three different versions of that one. This single is really cool for Erasure fans, featuring ultra-catchy pop that fits right in with Erasure's usual style. Of course, if you get a single with the "Vince Clarke Mix" you might as well have a new Erasure song...

Andy Bell "Crazy" (import 2 tracks) $8
1. Crazy (Radio Edit)
2. Little Girls Lies

Andy Bell "Crazy" (import 5 tracks) $11
1. Crazy (Cicada Vocal Mix)
2. Crazy (MHC Master Mix)
3. Crazy (King Roc Remix)
4. Crazy (Vince Clarke Remix)
5. Crazy (Album Version)

Andy Bell "Crazy" (USA single) $8
1. Crazy - MHC Stateside Remix
2. Crazy - MHC Stateside Dub
3. Crazy - MHC Alternative Stateside Remix
4. Crazy - Original Radio Edit
5. Crazy - Cicada Vocal Remix
6. Crazy - King Roc Remix
7. Crazy - Vince Clarke Remix
8. Crazy - MHC Master Mix

An interesting note on those singles is that the import 2-track single appears to be the only way to get the bonus song "Little Girls Lies", while getting the USA single will definitely load you up with all the remixes you need. The album is a really catchy, fun CD too!


A Blue Ocean Dream "On the Road to Wisdom" $12 -- We've had this CD on pre-order for a while, and now it's finally here! It's a very nice slice of analog-style synthpop that builds on the early traditions of Kraftwerk while adding more vocal depth and catchy hooks. Old-school synthpop comes alive in a new, refreshing way with this solid new album by this classy act from Sweden. (Synthpop Addict Club members need not order.)

Aviador Dro "Nuclear Siempre / 15 Grandes Historias" $14 -- This new import from Mexico features a collection of the most popular underground hits from one of the historic Spanish-language synthpop acts. These guys often went unnoticed in the scene, but have been around for several years, making old-school electro-pop with a quirky edge, built on the foundation of Kraftwerk, and just the right touch of 80's-style Cabaret Voltaire.

Cabaret "Electric Chair Song" (MCD) $6 -- This debut single presented by the ArtOfFact Records label features an interesting new synthpop band that plays an edgy sound with a laid-back, half-whispered vocal and cutting-edge music that ranges from clubby to quirky to dreamy. It's a new sound that I haven't heard often. Musically I'm reminded of some darkwave bands like Deine Lakaien or Northern Territories, but perhaps I'll have to hear the entire album to pin it down. For now, the single gives an enticing introduction.

NOTE: Our new Spotlight Special includes this new CABARET single in a discounted package with two other cool singles for one low price. Check it out!

Urceus Exit "Metro" (MCD) $6 -- This is another exciting single from ArtOfFact Records which features pounding, edgy electo-dance music similar to the material on that label's "UTurn" series. Think of bands like Blank, Massiv in Mensch, or Headscan, and this fits right in with the biting, danceable electronic beats and edgy vocal.

NOTE: Last week I mentioned the new "Alive" CD by DIARY OF DREAMS. At the time I was under the impression that it was a sort of "hits" collection since it has previously released songs on it. However, right after sending the update I realized it was a live concert recording (duh, I should have figured from the title). I just wanted to clarify that the "Alive" CD is a collection of hits performed live.
Dr. Morozov

Rupesh Cartel "Death With Soft Names" (MCD) $5 -- "Death With Soft Names" is one of the favorites from the recent "Mainland" album, and this collectable 3-inch single features a good, old-fashioned extended version of the song, along with old-school extended versions of the songs "Yours to Command" and "Nowhere Fast". With catchy hooks, emotional vocal delivery, and an up-tempo pace, this single is ultra-cool in the synthpop world. (Synthpop Addict Club members need not order.)

Depeche Mode "Playing the Angel" $15 -- Many fans are already praising this album as the "true" comeback album of Depeche Mode, with a sound that returns to the band's synthpop glory days. Though it may be hard to find songs that stand out as boldly as their past hits, it's true that the general style and mood of "Playing the Angel" returns to the sound the band had going with "Violator", with a touch of the best moments of "Ultra". One thing is for certain, it shines much brighter than "Exciter"!

Depeche Mode "Playing the Angel" (limited edition with DVD) $21 -- We actually sold out of our first shipment of the limited edition already, but are trying to find some more. If you order this one, you'll be waiting for us to get that new supply. The DVD features the entire album in 5.1 surround sound, plus the "Precious" video club and other bonus material.

Depeche Mode "Playing the Angel" (Japanese with 1 bonus track) $30 -- If you are a super-fan of Depeche Mode, or you just want that bonus track added onto the end of the album, you can pick up the expensive Japanese import that adds the track "Free". Plus, it looks like there's a CD-Rom video added on as well, though it's hard to read the Japanese notes on the package.

Andy Bell "Electric Blue" $15 -- This is a really good album from Erasure's vocalist, Andy Bell. Some of us were wondering if his solo project would take on a more experimental flavor, but it indeed sticks with the catchy, upbeat, fun music that made Erasure popular. In fact, some of the songs on this album sound more like vintage 80's Erasure than some of the more recent Erasure albums. There's a nice acoustic guitar touch that adds some life, and plenty of electronics. There are also a couple stand-out tracks with guest vocals by Claudia Brucken from Propaganda / ACT. Erasure fans will NOT be disappointed with this one.

Diorama "Repale" $20 -- This new collection from one of the stand-out dark synthpop (or we could say "gothic synthpop") acts from Europe features completely new remixes of songs from their previous albums, plus a few new extras to fill it out into a full, solid album. It's a nice addition to the collection for Diorama fans, or for those who maybe haven't checked out this band before, since it has some great highlights and mixes to show you what they're all about.

Images In Vogue "Collection Version 2 / Chronology" $18 -- Images in Vogue is a band that has a successful history in new wave and synthpop from Canada, and now we've managed to pick up just a few copies of this hard-to-find collection. There are several previously unreleased tracks on this CD, and fans who don't have it will want to pick it up, since it definitely builds onto the previously released best-of CD.


Once again, it's time for an email-only sale from A Different Drum. Let me explain again what this means. The following CD's are only available at a discounted price if you order them by replying to this email update. Just send your email to todd@adifferentdrum.com (or just use your "reply" button) and include the list of CD's that you'd like to buy at the listed prices. Let me know your name and how you'd like to pay (credit card, PayPal, etc.) and we'll hook you up! These prices are not available by using our regular homepage-- this sale is just for those subscribed to the email update list as a little reward for reading each week.

Also, supplies are limited, and we ship the CD's on a first-come first-serve basis. If we run out of a certain CD before you order it, then it is not back-ordered for you. We'll just ship the CD's that we DO have in stock at the time you place your order. If you have any questions, just let me know via email. Here are the CD's:

Various Artists "New Wave - The Long Versions" (3CD) $18
Various Artists "Ballads - The Long Versions" (3CD) $18
Various Artists "Pop - The Long Versions" (3CD) $18
Various Artists "Beauty in Darkness Vol. 7" (European PAL DVD) $12
Various Artists "Synthetic Pleasures" (features Syrian, Iris, NamNamBulu, Droom, etc.) $5
Various Artists "Modern Entertainment vol. 4" (features Wave In Head, Equatronic, Dynamic Masters, etc.) $5
Various Artists "Community: A New Order Online Tribute" $8
Various Artists "Community EP: A New Order Online Tribute" $5
Various Artists "Electric Fantastic Sound" $3
Various Artists "Alfa Matrix / ReConnected 1.0" (2CD) $12
This Fish Needs a Bike "Between A&B" $10
Syrian "Enforcer" (EP) $4
Spetsnaz "Perfect Body" (EP) $8
Sero Overdose "No Time for Silence" $14
Lights of Euphoria "Querschnitt" $10
Riviera F "International Love" (MCD) $6
Milu (Mila Mar) "No Future In Gold" (limited digipack) $14
New Order "Krafty" (MCD 2-track) $3
New Order "Krafty" (MCD 5-track) $6
New Order "Jetstream" (MCD 6-track) $6
Paul Luckey "Goddess" $8
Italcimenti (Alexander Robotnick) "Under Construction" $14
Glis "Nemesis" $14
Eurovision "On Fire" $10
Easternize "Finally Happy" $8
John Alexander Ericson (Northern Territories) "Essentials of The Northern Territories" $12
E Craft "Status" (2CD) $12
Diskodiktator "The World According to Diskodiktator" $10
Crystalline Effect "Glass" $12
Cesium 137 "Elemental" $10
Xero G "Are You Weightless" $3
Joke Jay "Angefixxt" (MCD) $4
Fearing Christmas "Die Morgennacht" (EP) $6
Erasure "Here I Go Impossible Again / All This Time Still Falling Out of Love" (European MCD part 1) $4
Erasure "Here I Go Impossible Again / All This Time Still Falling Out of Love" (European MCD part 2) $4
Erasure "Don't Say You Love Me" (European MCD part 1) $3
Erasure "Don't Say You Love Me" (European MCD part 2) $4
Erasure "Don't Say You Love Me" (European DVD) $5
Entropy 64 "Dynamical Systems" $10
Nebula-H "H20" (limited edition CD + DVD) $16
Nebula-H "H20" $12
Agonized by Love "All of White Horizons" $15
Adult "D.U.M.E." (MCD) $3
Adam Ant "Strip" (remastered with bonus tracks) $10
Adam Ant "Vive Le Rock" (remastered with bonus tracks) $10
Carnival of Dreams "Schwerelos" (EP) $4
The Cruxshadows "Fortress in Flames" $10
The Cruxshadows "Paradox Adendum" $6
Diary of Dreams "Giftraum" (MCD) $5
VNV Nation "Beloved" (MCD part 2) $6
Psyche "X Rated" (MCD) $4
Ova Looven "58:34" $10
New Order "Waiting for the Siren's Call" $11
Minefield "War Machine" $8
Ladytron "Sugar" (MCD) $6
Kraftwerk "Tour de France 2003" (MCD) $4
Monolithic "Power Undiminished" $8
Outsource "Progress" $10
The Echoing Green "The Winter of Our Discontent" (European version with slightly different track list) $12
Dr. Morozov
znaika.gif Обратите внимание: выкладываю в последний раз!

Внимание DM-фэнов, не интересующихся синтпопом в целом, может привлечь трибьют-релиз, выделенный жирным шрифтом.


Stisch "Heads Collide" $20 -- This is the latest release from Sweden's Subspace Communications label, and Stisch plays some uptempo, catchy synthpop mixed with a heavy dose of house-flavored Euro-dance. It's got some different singers on different tracks-- most of them are airy female vocalists that give the music more of the commercial dance club sound, while there are a couple of guys that add a really nice touch as well. Though Stisch doesn't present anything on the cutting edge, they manage to put together some nice club music for those who just like an up tempo sing-along style.

Cabaret "Homophobia" $15 -- This new album from the innovative and somewhat quirky new synthpop (or maybe darkwave, or maybe electronica) band will hit you with a blend of styles that you probably haven't heard before. The male vocals are sometimes light and half-whispered, but other times are edgy, and other times are only a distant effect in the music. Their electronic production style has elements of other modern synthpop bands, but tends to change quite a bit from track to track, exploring different influences and sounds. The band uses the liner notes to thank some of the band that inspire them, like Recoil, Porcupine Tree, or Chumbawamba, which pretty much shows you right there how they can go from aggressive to ambient to poppy all in the same album. Their single track "Electric Chair Song" is one of the standouts for the synthpop world, but those who like other acts like Northern Territories, Deine Lakaien, or Escape With Romeo might find a few similarities, at least in terms of creative twists and turns.

Someones Story "Personal Problems in Public Places" (EP) $12 -- This EP of five different songs will introduce you to the music of Someone's Story. They play a traditional, uptempo synthpop sound with catchy melodies and well performed vocals. Though this CD is meant as an introduction, it leaves you looking forward to more music from them in the future. You can check out three of the songs on the band's Myspace homepage here: www.myspace.com/someonesstorys

Spiritual Reality "Fear Future" $20 -- We stocked this bands first album from Germany a couple of years ago, and they had a promising, moody synthpop sound. This new album shows a change in the basic structure of the band as a female vocalist is added into the mix. The female and male seem to share the lead vocal position. The album stays in en edgy, dark synthpop sound that blends melodic vocals with edgy, stabbing synths and pounding drums that sometimes wander into the futurepop realm. If you like synthpop with a touch of angst and a cool mechanical sound, you'll enjoy this one.

Ionic Vision "Actual" $15 -- This new album is from a band that proudly proclaims itself an EBM band in the traditional style of pounding drums, pulsing basslines, and harsh lyrics. In their own words, they "rage against the acoustic" and intend to leave you sweating after stomping around the room to their edgy beats. For those who appreciate a throbbing, noisy moment now and then, like a blend of traditional Nitzer Ebb with modern industrial dance, check this out.

Mecano "The Half Inch Universe" $34 -- This 2CD collection pulls together a lot of classic tracks from a Belgian band that was in the new wave / post-punk underground of the early 80's. Back in 80-82, these guys were playing tunes that were a lot like early songs from The Cure, with a slight touch of The Doors, and a dab of the gothic undertones of Bauhaus. This double-disc collection also adds a lot of rarities, bonus tracks, and live tracks, and since this is one of the first times that Mecano has ever seen a release on CD, the collectors of early 80's music will probably want to snap it up. I will say, if you're a synthpop purist, this probably isn't a band that will interest you, since they were not really into the synthesizer movement. Here at A Different Drum, we have a lot of customers who collect 80's music and hard-to-find CD's, so I thought we'd stock a few copies.

Mecano "Snake Tales for Dragon" $20 -- Since Mecano (mentioned above) just put out the collection of hard-to-find early 80's material on CD, they of course accompany it with a brand new album. Now that the band has aged, the music has mellowed out a bit and sounds more mature. Though it still is not a "synthpop" band, there are a few keyboards that accompany the primarily guitar backdrop for these melodic, melancholy sounds. There are moments when it sounds like the mellow Marion Gold (Alphaville) ballads, and other times that it takes on more of a soft rock feel, like Coldplay with a deeper voice and an accent.

Mecano "Snake Tales for Dragon" (limited editon box) $38 -- This expensive limited edition of the above mentioned new album by Mecano is limited to only 300 copies worldwide. It comes with the CD in a nice black box that also includes a custom metal pin, autographed photos, and collectable extras. They are hand numbered, and the one I'm looking at right now is #6.

Andy Bell "Crazy" (European 2-track MCD) $8 -- I just thought I'd mention that we got this imported "Crazy" single in stock a bit late, but the Erasure fans may want to pick this one up. Though the US single has a pile of remixes, this 2-tracker is the only place you can get the exclusive b-side song called "Little Girl Lies". It's a fun, catchy song that fits right in with Andy Bell's usual song style.

Blancmange "Live at the Hacienda" (European PAL DVD) $26 -- This imported DVD features a classic performance by one of my personal favorite 80's new wave / synthpop bands, performing in the famous Hacienda Club in Manchester in 1982. They perform their early tracks primarily from their first album, including the hit "Living On the Ceiling".

Various Artists "Synth and Wave Essentials" (DVD) $16 -- This is an ultra-cool DVD with a lot of video clips that I'm surprised to see available on DVD. First of all, I'll just say that it's worth the money to have the two Wolfsheim videos "Find You're Here" and "Find You're Gone" on this collection. Woohoo! There are also two video clips by De/Vision including their latest one, "Unputdownable". There are classic and new videos by bands like Portland, NamNamBulu, Angelzoom, In Strict Confidence, Distain, Blind Passengers, Conetik, And One, Colony 5, and even Camouflage with the video for the song "Thief". And even though it's an import, it's very affordable and it is in NTSC (region 0) format so we can all watch it without trouble on American DVD players.

Various Artists "Advanced Electronics Vol. 4" (2CD) $20 -- It's time for another installment of the popular "Advanced Electronics" series which features a large mix of electronic music styles, ranging from synthpop, to industrial, to electroclash, and electronica. You get bands like Diary of Dreams, VNV Nation, Spetsnaz, Glis, Mesh, Melotron, Rotersand, Welle:Erdball, along with some of the darker stuff like Hocico, Suicide Commando, Mortiis, etc. One moment you'll be singing along, and the next you'll be growling with the best of them...

Various "Around the World and Back / A Greek Tribute to Depeche Mode" $20 -- This is an absolutely beautifully packed, unique tribute to the beloved synthpop band Depeche Mode. Imported from Greece, this release comes with a collection of beautiful postcards for each song, along with a CD of tributes by a bunch of bands that you've probably never heard of, unless you happen to follow the Greek underground very closely. In fact, I can't even type some of the names, because they're in Greek lettering, but some of the bands I can read are Raining Pleasure, Mindwaltz, Monitor, Decode, Carpe Diem, etc. The cover versions are actually quite good, often giving the song a unique new touch (something I prefer, rather than hearing a collection of Depeche Mode imitations). The label that released this CD obviously wanted it to be something special.


We now have the following releases available on our homepage for pre-orders. If you order them now, the CD's will be shipped as soon as they arrive from the factory:

Wideband Network "Ten Thousand Seconds" (limited edition 2CD) $14 -- This is Wideband Network's ultra-cool 2nd album, with an even more polished sound, fun songs, and memorable hooks. The first 500 copies of a limited edition bonus disc featuring exclusive remixes that take some of the songs into the electronic club realm.

Monica Schroeder "Move Me" $14 -- This is a project that A Different Drum put together after I was blown away by Monica's two albums "Orbit" and "The Expectation of Home". Though those two albums are more in the acoustic arena, her voice is like honey, sounding like a great blend of Sarah McLachlan and Cowboy Junkies. I thought to myself that it would be really fun to hear a few of her songs from those albums mixed into an electronic club sound. Monica agreed that it would be quite an adventure, so the vocals were given to DJ Ram in Russia and Nevarakka in Sweden, creating this trancey, high energy collection of songs that uniquely blend her voice with fun synth music. We're proud of the results.


If you're in the area, be sure to go to this fun event!
Featuring performances by Rhythmic Symphony and THE DIGNITY OF LABOUR!
Friday, November 4th, at 9PM
Scorpio Cafe
1361 Court Place (Colfax and Court)
Denver, Colorado

No Cover. Drink Specials. Free Giveaways.

Visit: http://www.tdol.us/press.html for more info.

Or, you can also catch The Dignity of Labour at this upcoming show:

Sugarlight Productions Presents:
Battle of the Bands
Featuring performances by THE DIGNITY OF LABOUR and six other Denver area bands
Sunday, November 13th, at 6PM
Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
2637 Welton Street
Denver, Colorado

Tix: Presale - $8.00, Door - $10.00. All Ages.

Visit: http://www.sugarlightproductions.com/upcomingshows for more info.


I mentioned once before that A Different Drum now has a page on the popular Myspace! Since then, I've added more content, including 4 songs from recent label releases by A Blue Ocean Dream, Neuroactive, etc. I've written a couple boring blogs, which might help those of you who have a hard time falling asleep. And hey, there's even a pile of friends who have visited the page (you can click their pictures to go to their pages) and a few comments. Feel free to stop by and join the fun:



I big synthpop fan and good customer of A Different Drum just set up a map on this homepage that I haven't seen before. It actually does something that I had always wanted to see-- it makes it possible for synthpop fans who read this update to mark their location on a world map! We can see where the heavier concentration of fans and friends are located, and click to see little messages from those good folks. Drop by the page and add yourself to the map, and let's watch it grow!


Oh, one little note, if you don't see your part of the world on the map at first, just use the arrows at the top left corner of the map to scroll around the world to where you are located.


Thanks to those who sent me emails to order from the email-only sale last week. You can still order from that list this week, if you'd like to pick up some good deals. Remember, these prices are only good if you order by emailing me at todd@adifferentdrum.com (or reply to this update and I'll get it). Quantities are limited and we don't back-order if the item runs out. Here is a revised list that removes the CD's that sold out already, plus I added a couple others, just for fun:

Various Artists "New Wave - The Long Versions" (3CD) $18
Various Artists "Ballads - The Long Versions" (3CD) $18
Various Artists "Pop - The Long Versions" (3CD) $18
Various Artists "Beauty in Darkness Vol. 7" (European PAL DVD) $12
Various Artists "Synthetic Pleasures" (features Syrian, Iris, NamNamBulu, Droom, etc.) $5
Various Artists "Modern Entertainment vol. 6" (features Wave In Head, Equatronic, Dynamic Masters, etc.) $5
Various Artists "Community: A New Order Online Tribute" $8
Various Artists "Community EP: A New Order Online Tribute" $5
Various Artists "Electric Fantastic Sound" $3
Various Artists "Alfa Matrix / ReConnected 1.0" (2CD) $12
This Fish Needs a Bike "Between A&B" $10
Syrian "Enforcer" (EP) $4
Spetsnaz "Perfect Body" (EP) $8
Sero Overdose "No Time for Silence" $14
Riviera F "International Love" (MCD) $6
Milu (Mila Mar) "No Future In Gold" (limited digipack) $14
New Order "Krafty" (MCD 2-track) $3
New Order "Krafty" (MCD 5-track) $6
New Order "Jetstream" (MCD 6-track) $6
New Order "Jetstream" (MCD 2-track) $3
Paul Luckey "Goddess" $8
Italcimenti (Alexander Robotnick) "Under Construction" $14
Glis "Nemesis" $14
Eurovision "On Fire" $10
Easternize "Finally Happy" $8
John Alexander Ericson (Northern Territories) "Essentials of The Northern Territories" $12
E Craft "Status" (2CD) $12
Diskodiktator "The World According to Diskodiktator" $10
Crystalline Effect "Glass" $12
Cesium 137 "Elemental" $10
Xero G "Are You Weightless" $3
Joke Jay "Angefixxt" (MCD) $4
Fearing Christmas "Die Morgennacht" (EP) $6
Erasure "Breath" (European MCD part 2) $4
Entropy 64 "Dynamical Systems" $10
Nebula-H "H20" (limited edition CD + DVD) $16
Nebula-H "H20" $12
Agonized by Love "All of White Horizons" $15
Adult "D.U.M.E." (MCD) $3
Carnival of Dreams "Schwerelos" (EP) $4
Diary of Dreams "Giftraum" (MCD) $5
VNV Nation "Beloved" (MCD part 2) $6
Ova Looven "58:34" $10
New Order "Waiting for the Siren's Call" $11
Monolithic "Power Undiminished" $8
Outsource "Progress" $10
The Echoing Green "The Winter of Our Discontent" (European version with slightly different track list) $12
Angelzoom "Back In the Moment" (MCD) $6

Всё, спасибо за внимание! icon_smi.gif
Dr. Morozov
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